The path to 9-11. Anbody watch it?


I think it was somewhat politically skewed with Bush being portayed as something of a terror-busting hero, but I imagine that it is loosely correct. I'd take it with a pinch of salt mind as I think it has caused a fair few complaints regarding its unfair portrayl of some of those involved, again, possibly due to some political agenda bashing.

I quite enjoyed it though and was suprised to see old "Tariq" from Eastenders play an outstanding role, I thought he was a waste of space originally, but it seems he has some talent.
Just got back from NY and the Political fallout over there this is pretty amazing as a lot of it was "dramatised" ie not factual. Clinton and his gang are pretty peed off along with a lot of others. There was a lot of pressure on the network in the states to have it pulled or even a flash message on the screen to highlight which points were made up. Harvey Kietel is also trying to distance himself from it as he was previously a Clinton man and is expected to support Hilary Clinton in her next campaign. the septics by the way didn't get the whole thing till Monday night in a whole 4 hour shot. So I didn't see it and can't comment on the programme itself.
mazoldboy said:
I think that Clinton was pissed because it inferred that he was more concerned with Lewinsky than Bin Laden
Clinton and Lewinsky...once again Jewish interests dominate US foreign policy! FFS don't tell Sergey!
With the high number of people involved in this since 1993, no dramatisation is going to be 100% accurate, scenes/characters are added/omitted for reasons of efficient portrayal, production costs, limited broadcast time, etc.
This has been slated in the U.S. with the inept intelligence personel throughout the 1990's, seemingly unable to act on information presented to them, shown to be lacking the skills needed to fight this "new type of war". However I felt this film somewhat vindicated U.S. actions immediately after 9/11 with the rapid attack on Afghanistan. If it is accurate it should show the conspiracy theorists that the attacks on 9/11 were the final nail in the coffin for Bin Laden, not an excuse to charge off guns blazing as soon as a suitable scape-goat presented himself. That is if it was accurate. Remind myself it's only a film!
If it's the same mini-series that aired on ABC, I turned it off pretty early on (about 15mins in) for the simple reason that the dialogue and acting was fcuking awful. I didn't really hang around long enough to see what people were getting sand in their cracks about.

Personally, I couldn't see the point in making a drama about it. If they wanted to tell the story, make it a documentary. Almost all the major players and decision-makers are still alive. It's not as if they're recreating the War of 1812 and they have to plug unfillable gaps in the historical record. Doing it this way can only distort public perceptions, rather than illuminate the history.
I liked it as a drama - but I couldnt believe that the Intelligence Services could really be that indecisive. The Ambassador to Yemen was a right cow !!
I watched the part last night, knowing and working with Americans both tere and here I courted some of their opinions. They were not favourable to say the least. Yes it was dramatised but based on fact some very real.

To be honest it shows several things Intelligence gathering is not an exact scienec and never will be. if you have too many agencies involved in security they will play off against each other and not do the critical thing - share data/ information and lastly it highlighted well the amount of data available and how hard it is to resourse and process it all. That was for the run up to 9/11 imagine how much is available now!
Like it said at the end its not if it happens again its as has been proven since 9/11, its a case of when and where (recent events speak for themselves)

I am afraid this in now the world we live in - like it or not and it will never change - We can never win the so called War on Terrorism as Wars have a defined start and end plus an identifiable foe (all of which are currently missing).


P.S there was also a good programme on te 7/7 bombers on C4 earlier that was an interesting watch.
Cuddles said:
mazoldboy said:
I think that Clinton was pissed because it inferred that he was more concerned with Lewinsky than Bin Laden
Clinton and Lewinsky...once again Jewish interests dominate US foreign policy! FFS don't tell Sergey!
Ethnicity of ms.Lewinsky was irrelevant from my point of view (btw, what would you say if she would be Russian?).

However, the affair indirectly stimulated the war with Yugoslavia. Pres.Clinton badly needed 'a smoke screen'.
It showed vividly how public opinion has changed. When they caught wind of a plot to hijack planes in the air, somebody suggested increasing security, and the boss replied "What and create mass panic?!?" (or something similar).

Five years on and we completely ground aircraft, on the same kind of intelligence, balls to public opinion. How the world has changed.

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