The Passing of the 'Yellow Handbag'

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Arters, Aug 31, 2012.

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  1. The ex RCT Chappie who delivered my.....'self taken photos, Post 10265'
    informed me, with a tear in his eye, that Herfy is now sold in crates and
    try as he might, scouring all available outlets in the Bielesmelled area,
    he could find no trace of the legendary 'Yellow'

    Is this iconic item to pass into folklore with a whimper?

    Are we, the fabled few(left), going to let this happen?

    To Arms, say I, don the DPM, dig out the Long Gun, fire up the 'Beasts'

    Gustav and Georg Uekermann need to be informed of this dastardly deed.

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand......Poland...... Herforder, it's time.

    Remember that there is no problem that cannot be solved by the use
    of high explosives.
  2. Sadly I can confirm the demise of this iconic yellow handbag. A ex-pads brat neighbour was tasked with procuring one of these said items whilst visiting Herford earlier this year. He came back empty handed, his task incomplete.

    Tesco purchased Krombacher just doesn't cut the senf.

    To arms, I say, to arms.
  3. Good riddance, Herfy always gave me the shits something rotten

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  4. This is very sad news indeed, they were perfectly designed to fit in every bin on a tank, the world will never be the same again.
  5. Are you sure it was the Herfy and not Wolfgang widening the circle of his friends again?
  6. Dont cry little one... a few years and we wont have any tanks to have bins on!
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  7. The Herfy bottle was, and quite rightly so, the nemesis of the red arse corridor block job bloke every Monday morning.
  8. Wot's DPM? l used to wear a fetching shade of green. Get pissed, fall down in the grass,gonk, no one noticed you for hours. That's what l call cammo..
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  9. This alone is reason enough to fight our way out of Europe, after all it made you want to fight everybody else. Has Billy Hague been informed? "Oi slaphead, forget Syria, get this sorted out you fat ponce". A tad over the top perhaps.
  10. Many a shed car in BAOR passed its BFG Inspection by REME VM's when the suspension was corrected to the right position by yellow handbags in the boot by the owner.
  11. All true, it was a common form of bartering/inducement.

    Bit sad, but thats progress. Now a crate of 24 will have to be consumed, before the town is hit.
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  13. For a while I was under the impression that a 'handbag' was some arcane unit of currency, as many favours were rated as; 'That'll cost a couple of handbags' a continental version of the 'slab' I then realised, and in an emergency you could drink it!
  14. Was kicking about Sennelager for a couple of weeks in 03 and never seen herforder in Yellow anything, seen and drunk plenty on draft though
  15. It's not a well known fact, but the issued kitbag was designed to fit 4 handbags enabling a one-handed covert transport of enough rations for an average 'Active Edge'
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