The Party of Law and . . . . Rehabilitation?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whet, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. The Tories have turned their backs on building masses of new prisons and are now pitching in with rehabilitation.

    Whilst this is a good thing, channel 4 News have suggested that it was because their grand scheme of selling off victorian prisons and replacing them with 5000 extra places have been seen to be a bag full of nothing.

    So it looks like the Conservatives are going to address 'the causes of crime'.

    Oh, a link

    The Channel 4 story is the first artricle on this google page - I have a problem with this computer and so cannot open it. Note the new mantra - 'rehabilitation not incarceration'. Interesting eh?

  2. So that's Labour's strategy for the general election:

    "Vote Labour - because the Tories are just as big a bunch of lying, cowardly, trecherous cnuts as we are!" :roll:
  3. Maybe its because after 2 1/2 years of Browns ruinous Premiership and 10 years of him at the financial controls, there will be little to no money left to build new prisons?

    This is going to be an era of spending cuts, thanks to Labour.

    Maybe they will get your dole money whet......
  4. Nope

    Channel 4 expounded that it was that they based their flagship policy on the Malmaison Hotel, Oxford - ex prison that the owner bought and then converted. They were going to sell 30 inner city prisons which are on premium sites and build lots more with the funds released.

    Then someone told Dave that Oxford Prison was sold for £1 - so, just another screw up by the Tories.
  5. So when was this prison sold?
  6. Well Whet, I just checked the Conservative website, and there is nothing there about any law and order speeches, I saw the piece on Ch 4 myself, and there was no official spokesman from the party speaking about it either.

    Whatever the truth of the matter is, its better than "Tough on Crime and Tough on the Causes of Crime" which has turned out to be an absolute parody. Crime in this country is higher than ever, gun crime is rife (even though we banned handguns) half the current cabinet have done things which should have resulted in court appearances, but good fortune has smiled on them, and today the Government has announced a £500Million reduction in spending on the police.

    At least in the last Tory administration, ministers who involved themselves in sleaze and committed crimes faced court action and prison for their actions, something which the current governmental and senior Labour party members seem very adept at avoiding.
  7. It was closed in 1996 - why?
  8. My bold

    Who says we need to build new prisons? Rope is so much cheaper in so many ways :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  9. Why - it may be that it was an old victorian prison and was incapable of any further expansion or improvement. IIRC there was a massive programme to build new purpose built prisons at that time, and run them privately.

    Dont see much evidence of a massive increase in prison places since New Labour took over the reigns of power. Tough on Crime......
  10. Don't get me wrong Bob, I agree entirely with rehabilitation of prisoners - something that I suspect many Tory core voters do not. Whatever happened to the 'lock em up and throw away the key' brigade?
  11. Indeed.

    Just like Strangeways, Pentonville, Armley.

    The point is, this is another major policy the Tories have had to drop rather hurriedly
  12. Precisely, my views on Crime and Punishment are in line with those of Saudi Arabia, you dont get many repeat offenders for theft there.
  13. Once again not even waiting until they get into power to abandon policies. Sad.
  14. So what do you think of Dave abandoning this policy then, Bob - if it turns out that Channel 4 didn't make it all up?