The particle collider - they broke it!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugsy, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. If the unthinkable occured, and this clever machine creates a black hole of sorts, at what rate will it consume the earth? For instance, will it be on the evening news? Or will I be sipping on my skinny-decaf latte and stroll nonchalantly into eternal oblivion?
  2. Well, if the unthinkable should happen, I hope the black hole reaches out and swallows up Phoney Tony and his fückin' hag of a missus first. :D :D :D

    Oh, and I hope it leaves you enough time to finish your coffee.

  3. "l'ectrical" fault, good excuse as its a major part!
  4. If you drink skinny-decaf latte then you deserve eternal oblivion.

  5. It's ok, if it happened it would be over before your brain even comprehended it. The good news is that it would also swallow the entire community of reporters, bankers, lawyers and other nice people, which would even up death, whereas if the world was destroyed by nuclear explosions then cockroaches, estate agents and lawyers would all survive!
  6. Yes, that IS good news.
  7. It´s actually a myth that cockroaches would survive nuclear holocaust. A human dies at exposure to 1,000 rads, cock roaches at 20,000. Fruit flys withstand 64,000 and parasitic wasp can survive up to 180,000 rads.

    The myth may have started due to the coakroaches ability to resist extermination by fumes etc. They can even live for a week with no head.

    Just thought I´d mention that.
  8. A bit like NuLiarbur.
  9. Some harry black and tap with adjusting tool fine and we will soon be back in the slinky latte earth destroying 'opps was that a backhole we just made' hehehe moment.... :p

    edited to add aand that the cheese eating surrender monkeys go first into the void is a bonus :wink:
  10. Very good.

    Back to the black whole thing, apparently the mini black hole will just whizz in and around earth sucking up a single atom now and again increasing in size each time. The first we would know about it would be the odd satellite disappearing and then earth quakes. So plenty of time to finish your gay coffee and get your nails done.
  11. It won't take them that long to fix the problem, the problem comes by having to cool the "cooling magnet line thingy" (technical eh) down to 1.9 degrees above absolute zero. It may take them a few weeks to actually get to the nub of the problem sorted but to keep this thing working it needs to be farking cold otherwise the thing would just melt like it has done and that takes time.

  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I can imagine some ex reme sort having forgotten a spanner and its in the machine big time, walking off with a clipboard whistling nonchalently.
  13. One day, thanks to the aptly named 'Large hadron collider' we will all have mini black holes as pets, keeping them in a vacuum cage and feeding them multi flavoured atoms, like microscopic skittles. Perhaps we could release them into the wild when they become too all-consuming?

    But watch out, domesticated black holes still have the capacity to destroy entire universes.
  14. What a waste of £8,000,000,000