The parents of Paul Smith....

..... should hold their heads in damn shame. I didn't know if this is one for CA or not, so mods feel free to move it if you wish.

THE warped teenager who killed little Rosie May Storrie is a serial pervert who had already attacked THREE other young girls, it was revealed yesterday.

But incredibly, 18 year old Paul Smith was never charged - and remained a free and dangerous predator. Yesterday he was jailed for life after he was convicted of suffocating Rosie May, 10, in a 'sexually motivated' murder at a Christmas party last year. But her parents were stunned when they learned of his previous form as he was sentenced.

The jury at Nottingham Crown court heard during the case from a 12 year old who was the victim of a chillingly similar assualt by trainee electrician Smith. But they were NOT told of a further two attacks. The first happened five years ago when he grabbed a 12 year old girl at his home, pushed her on to a bed and molested her. Then, 18 months before he killed Rosie May, he subjected a childhood friend to a terrifying ordeal. He also pinned her face down on a bed, trussed her up and gagged her with tape. He fired an air rifle in the room and put it to her head, then locked her in the boot of his family's car and took her on a terrifying ride.

Smith, who suffers from a form of autism which brings violent mood swings, crashed the car after dumping the screaming girl, then 16, on a playing field.

Now get this......

He gave himself up to police and told all. But he was accused only of DANGEROUS DRIVING.
The girl's parents did not press charges in the hope Smith would get help for his condition - and because he had been their daughter's friend. Smith, of Sedgebrook, Lincs, also escaped charges over the attacks on the 12 year olds because of close relationships with their families.

The jury took nine hours to bring in a guilty verdict. Eighteen members of Rosie May's family shouted: "Yes!". Smith's parents, his brother Neil and sister Victoria gasped and wept. The family released a statement later saying they were still convinced the teenager was innocent..........
WTF?? HTF could they still think the boy is still innocent? Did the girls all pushed themsleves on his bed and suffocate themselves?

The parents deserve a good public slapping - they knew their child has something wrong, some affliction towards young girls - yet they took him to a christmas party full of kids. I bet you on each occasion when he attacked a girl, they did fcuk all in trying to find enough help for him. They say that from the start their 'vulnerable' son had been blamed for the killing because he was an 'easy target'. His autism, a form of Asperger's Syndrome, had 'made' the 18-year-old lack social skills and hate crowded situations for fcuk sake!

He himself could do with an arrse kicking as well. Autism or no autism - he had the mind to be training for an electrician's apprenticeship, so the disorder must not been that acute. Experts say there is no link between Asperger's Syndrome and violent crime, and sufferers normally end up as the victim than the offender. Pity in this case.
The girl's parents did not press charges in the hope Smith would get help for his condition - and because he had been their daughter's friend. Smith, of Sedgebrook, Lincs, also escaped charges over the attacks on the 12 year olds because of close relationships with their families.

Christ are some people missing a few braincells or what? My boy has Asbergers and if he did something like that I'd be the one frogmarching him to Mr Plod. An education of right and wrong by his parents would probabaly have stopped this from happening. There really are some pond life around in this country at the moment.
Thank God for Trisha exposing them for all to see.
Three warnings and nothing done. Rosie May will never experiance her first date, her first job, her first house, etc, etc. What a waste of life when it all could have been avoided. Smith's parents need a good talking to, but whats the point? The damage is done and cannot be undone. I believe his parents are going to appeal against the sentance.......................... :evil:

From the BBC News website

After the verdict they (Smith's parents) said they were considering an appeal and added: "We are deeply upset and shocked by this verdict.

"We remain convinced that Paul played no part in the death of Rosie May and we will continue the fight to clear his name."
This scum bag smith will do it again, lets bring back hanging.

The parents who wouldn't press charges will be partly responsible when this piece of filth smith kills again.
I didn't catch that - they're going to appeal against the sentence? God, he only has to serve about 14 years, probably would be 7-10 year on good behaviour knowing this country.

Its probably down to guilt - they should be serving the sentence instead.
This is tragic beyond belief Rosie was such a charming looking little thing. There’s nothing in this world like losing a child; it's pain beyond belief my heart felt sympathies are with them and all Rosie relatives.

The appeal system seems an automatic response now after conviction. It doesn't mean they will. The trial and evidence will be gone over and any legal loopholes found or queried. Let’s pray it's water tight, this is when the real defence of the conviction begins.

The fact the Smith had previously attacked and assaulted is not surprising, but does highlight the need to report every crime and press for a private prosecution if the CPS finds itself unable to do so, they may take over the case if the facts are looking good and are then able to switch to another or higher court. With a privat case this will at least be a recorded proceeding and while inadmissible in any further cases will at least have brought the individual to the eye of all concerned agencies.

Violent escalation isn't a new thing in the public eye. We all know that repeat offences are generally of an escalating nature. Sex offences very rarely remain scripted. Smith was almost destined to commit this or a very similar offence from that second time. He’d set the pattern and shown his preference.

Shame on the Smith family, there was no way to ignore these signs and yet they did. They helped to kill Rosie too.

Beebs :(


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I think that his parents are using his condition as a smoke screen.

He seems to be basically evil and should be gassed for what he did. I don't normally advocate violence but I'm with Semper on this one, I hope he ends up with a hoop like the back end of the Batmobile and a soap phobia.
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