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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Giviturall, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. Hi im going for the paras and have just left school ive got a hell of a lot of determination but i know thats not enough any paras on here tell me how fit i need to be before i start traning?? cheers
  2. Hi mate.

    im currently applying too to be a para. They have a really good programme on their website.

    Also there is a book called fighting fit you can buy(look on amazon). it has a P Company training regime in there. While you wont have to be P company fit when you begin my attitude is i will be as fit as possible, and put in the effort before hand so im ready mentally and physically.

    Out of interest why do you wanna be a para?
  3. Spose my main reason is i heard they were the hardest and best and they always seem to be involved with something also the added bonus of jumping out of planes haha what about u?
  4. 2 and 3 Para run around Abbey Fields.....1.5mile track......tag on behind them then you will know if ya fit or not!!!!
  5. im joining because i want an active job in which i can make a difference, stay fit, be part of a team, have job satisfaction and be part of the elite unit of the Army. Im not one for an office environment, never have been.

    I know i can do it and i will.

    I have my insight weekend with the paras next week which will be cool!

    how far in the application stages are you? or are you just thinking about joining at the mo?

  6. I am old and stupid!!!!...check out other parts of ARRSE... for training
  7. Not being funny but whats all this buying books to get fit? Just get a bergan and find some good hills and get running and tabbing then fit some circuit training into it. I volunteered, got joining instructions and got on with it, maybe times have changed but the main crux of it was Bergans and tabbing.
  8. It's like the Teach Yourself French book that I bought, I didn't read it and I can't speak French
  9. hmm looking at one of those sites you get the impression recruiters don't like sending people to para's?

    Its like the other day when i was down the recruitment office i heard some Navy officer telling a potential recruit he shouldn't join the marines because it would be a waste of his A levels ...
  10. its true you dont need to buy a book but it gives you an insight into what you should be doing training wise.

    I have found the book helpful but its personal preference.
  11. Tell me more; timings would be good. Why not throw in a complete description of the run routes, possible ambush/shooter locations and escape routes. I could do with some car registration numbers too, if you're up to it.
  12. I do it with a zimmer frame!!!! as advertised on Garrison Radio!!!
  13. I borrowed book called 'Develop a Super Power Memory' from the library.
    I got fined when I forgot to return it.

    I don't think anyone has ever failed P Company for being too fit. The fitter you are, the easier it is. I used to go running in boots and webbing with bricks in the ammo pouches and bags of sand in the kidney pouches.

    It made all the difference between being miserable and being fcuking miserable.

    Start now and keep it up for 30 years or so.
  14. I know what ya mean!!!