The Paras music

Back to the 80's .......there is a bit of music which I think may be by Vangelis that is played during the guys first parachute descent (ahhh the Balloon them where the days). Anybody able to tell me what that music is kind of gentle synthesisery stuff......long shot but worth a go.

I watched the BBC "The Paras" yesterday on iPlayer and really enjoyed it. (Christmas telly 2013= rubbish) I too wondered what the music was (it isn't credited in the credits). I had heard it somewhere in the last year but couldn't remember where but I, like you thought it was by Vangelis. Anyway Google brought me here, sadly no reply. Tried putting it through some of these online music recognition softwares, nothing.

Used some silly amount of determination and found it, it is the first track on the album "China" by Vangelis called "Chung Kuo" the section used in the TV documentary starts at 1.43 in the piece.

Its only 7 years since you asked question but you seem to be still active here and anyone else with question hopefully can find it more easily.

I am pleased I found it because I really like it. :)

[video=youtube;Flg4hmrjjVA] 3[/video]

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