The Paras in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by MightyGem, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. They're doing a great job to follow our government policies in horrible conditions and well done to them.

    But the photo of the tshirt slogans does no favours for them. It makes them look like idiot americans. British Army should rise above that sort of macho crap. They should show some respect and dignity for the enemy, not disrespect them. That is why Brits are the best.
  2. Doing what they are doing, where they are doing it and they can wear Gary Glitter t shirts for al I care.
  3. If they did that we'd never win cos Terry would be even more pissed off.

    Only way to win is to understand your enemy, and understand what they fight and die for.
  4. Seconded. Love the quotation from old Ghenghis - a personal hero of mine! :twisted: 8)
  5. So you think British Army should drive women and children before them to beform a living bridge over seige dykes? Or that army bints should be encouraged to disembowel captured enemy? I don't think we would win if we expected our troops to do that.

    Try thinking a bit more modern. The other day I searched on Youtube "US Army", then "British Army". It was interesting to see the difference in style of the videos. US Army videos were mostly about celebration of killing. British Army videos were mostly of soldiers enjoying themselves with pranks. Given that these videos are viewed around the world, which army do you think is sending the most powerful message?
  6. Are you in the forces?

    Do you read the Guardian?

    Are you on crack?
  7. Yes, sometimes, no.

    But those slogans on the para t-shirts lowers the dignity of the parachute regiment. Please don't disrespect a great heritage with crap like that.

    There is a lack of leadership in the Paras if they are allowed to display juvenile bravado like that.


    boldness or courage: a real or pretended display of courage or boldness

    Thats probably a good thing for the infantry, people whos job it is to "defeat the enemy through close combat."

    It could be argued that slogans on para t-shirts have a positive effect on unit cohesion and morale
    It also could be argued that we do offensive slogans on t-shirts with alot more style and panache than the yanks

    Ghengis Khan, a great military leader

    A further question,

    Been on ops yet and served with the US Forces?
    Been on annual camp yet?
    In fact, have you finished TA recruit training yet?

    TA WRVS lady dosent really cut it as 'in the forces'

    And I still think you're on crack
  9. failed p coy? even tried p coy?

    until you've been there, in their shoes... i'd rec you don't go bleating about the heritage of the parachute regiment or their manner of soldiering....

    As for lack of leadership comment... they have some of the finest Officers, SNCOs, JNCOs and soldiers on this planet... with silly comments like that you're going to attract allot of incoming..... (and by my comment, I do not mean to take anything away from any other people in positions of leadership in any other unit.)

    i'm off for a beer. fucknut.
  10. stab23

    shut up you idiot.

    Are you a cadet?
  11. Are you or were you a Para? If not, do one before things get heated.
  12. Ill say it in three simple words:

    stab23 fcuk off.
  13. I have no problems with what these incredible lads are doing, or what T shirt they are wearing. They are proving that the British Infantry are the best in the world.
  14. err why is this in aviation?