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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Adyn, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. I read an old forum on this topic with people wondering what happened to 480 Platoon members. I know about some of them but have lost contact with others. If anyone's interested, just join this discussion.
  2. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    I think if you looked into, the instructing staff not the crows, it would be much more interesting, personalities like Bob Baker, Al Slater, Kev Riley and Sean lucy.
  3. Al died in NI. Elvis was binned for excess piss. Kev R was a total wan*** and no-one cares, and Lucy went back to his battalion. Bob B went back to 2 para and never again tried for the Reg.

    Candari? Don't know what is being suggested here except if he doesn't know the recruit platoon number he is irrelevant to the discussion.
  4. Thought Danny Lydon was killed by faulty 51mm ammo in Norway?
  5. Don't know where you get your information from Adyn but some of it is way out. Is there and aim to this thread or is it just an excuse to gossip and slag down the blokes?
  6. My uncle was in 2 para in this era, he was in battalion when some of the new graduates passed out of depot.

    Most of the DS were 2 para, and he knew all of them, atleast by sight. And as said 2 of the Cpls were killed , but both over 20 years ago...he also said that the provost sgt that you see in the first episode was a total dick!!

    Bear in mind it was filmed in 82, before the Falklands, the DS will be long gone, as will most of 480 platoon.

    My uncle does however still live in the shot, and atleast a few of the DS still do aswell.

    And the comments about the little geordie sgt (kev) being a dick, where did that ever come from?..i wont even ask what made you comment about the death of Danny L...all that needs to be mentioned was that it was an accident on a training exercise in Norway, enough said on that one.
  7. Happy to be corrected about Danny. This is a rumour service and the rumour that came to me from other 480 platoon members was as I described. And yes I believe it was Norway. The rest is my opinion as a 480 platoon member. That most DS were 2 para is inaccurate. As I recall Al and Danny were 1 Para, Bob was 2 para, Elvis was 3 para and I can't right now remember the other, although Bush came in later and he was also 1 para as I recall. But I'm happy to be corrrected. Al and Elvis were in the same summer seletion and disappeared mid training for Test Week and returned right at the end. That's probably why we had Bush as a replacement. But it's so long ago I am hazy on some issues. You'll have to forgive my memory.

    The show was excellent though, and a fair representation of life in depot para in those days. It was a bit intrusive. Recruit Company was tough enough as many of you will recall, without the added pressure of a film crew focussing in on a strained face as you tab youur arse up Hungry Hill, across Long Valley and over Miles Hill to Rushmoor arena.

    If you'd like to explain where my info is off, I'll call some frineds and verify for you. But the info is as honest as I can recall.

    The no slagging, just soliloquy.
  8. So you said Bush came into it later then?..are you referring to the scouser lad who got disharged for asthma??...he did have a brother, Jim who was 2 para though. Didnt say all DS were from 2 para, I know that atleast two of the cpls were as was Kev( the pl sgt). So Adyn, you claim to be from 480 platoon then? if so, your the only person to my knowledge who has come out of the woodwork from the series...
  9. Ive met 5 of them over the years, including having a past member as Plt Sgt a few years ago.
  10. Actually, I get names mixed up and confused sometimes. Happens when you get older. Bush was a recruit (wore glasses I think), but I'm referring to a corporal (tubby and with a moustache) who came into the platoon while Al and Elvis were away. But you see I have only seen the show once, when it aired and when I was at batallion so I am relying on an increasingly poor memory. But I think his name was also Bush. And the documentary won't show the changes we experienced because the producers would want to keep the filming on the original DS staff for continuity. Yes I am one of the original 480 members. I talk regularly to some of the others but have lost contact with some.

    I don't know how many others in here are ex-Reg (Para) but I get the feeling now that most are not. I was hoping to contribute sensibly on what has happened to them. There's really no need for all the sneeky beaky stuff I've read before, except to protect names of those who served in 22 and who have not come out (so to speak). But some have and there's no issue with them. Out of the staff and recruits I know of 5 who went successfully to Hereford which is quite normal since nearly 60% of the unit is recruited from the three batallions (two now with 1 para being SFSG). It's a number we're rightfully proud of.

    If people in her are genuinely interested ask away, but let's drop the vitriol. I am entitled to my own feelings about those with whom I served.

    Bob B for example was a thoroughly good bloke and an extremely fit and professional soldier. He drove a TR7, which we won't hold against him.

    All the best,

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  11. Adyn,

    Steve Bush is the bloke you are thinking of that joined the staff of 480 platoon.

    You're right, you do have the right to your own opinion about those you served with but when they are not here to defend theirselves someone else may jump in to do it. Your facts were totally wrong about Danny L and therefore I took exception to that.

    I know what happened to a lot of the platoon and indeed still keep in contact with a couple, and yes, I am ex Para Regt.
  12. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Adyn, If indeed you are ex Para Regt. Get your self on the FOC site and you will get a lot more replies.
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  13. Rooper & Pararegtom,

    Do you know what happened to Tatum? I remember he left 3 para shortly after going up to Normandy Lines, but I've lost contact with him. He came across a bit twatish in the doc but he was an alright bloke. I wonder what he's up to now. I am in contact with Steve B, Taf and Johnny B. I know where Pete O is too, but if you're in contact with any of the others and partularly Spider Craddock of Phil Tatum (Sp?) I'd be pleased to be put in contact through a willing intermediary.

    Frank spoke to me in 2005 and told me they wanted to do a follow up 'where are they now?' show, but it was too hard. Then the BBC wanted to go back to Helmand to film 3 para's follow up tour to the now famous 2006 stint and the BBC contacted some of us to ask if we would go CP for the crew. Don't know if that happened coz I've got young kids and a business to run so bullet caching didn't appeal to me.

    And what's FOC? I am listed under my battalion on the Parachute Regiment Service Pals website but don't know of of any others. I'm not really into the blogging scene.


  14. And what's FOC? I am listed under my battalion on the Parachute Regiment Service Pals website but don't know of of any others. I'm not really into the blogging scene.



    Adyn,PM sent ref FOC