The Paralympics is over - now we return you to our normal Government

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. What a load of bollocks. Those with genuine disabilities will not have their benefits slashed. Those that will have to justify their largesse will be the feckless, the fat, the drug-addled, the pissheads and the lazy, who have been taking the piss (and our taxes) for years. The statistics speak for themselves and we don't need the Daily Mirror or the Trade Union Barons to jump on the Paralympics feelgood bandwagon to make a political point.
    Just like Overseas Aid, the Welfare State needs a complete overhaul. Whether or not Mr Cameron and his coalition of mediocrities can do anything about it is another matter altogether.
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  2. Have you actually read the new PIP assessments or are you just going by the Tory Central Office propaganda?

    No? Thought not, PIP/DLA is nothing to do with Incapacity Benefit and anyone who can move 50 yds is no longer mobility disabled under the Conservative new magic.
  3. To be honest though, winning the marathon/rugby/sprint doesn't make me think of being mobility impaired
  4. I foresee a return to the bad old days, twice gassed in WW1 a late elderly neighbour had his disability stopped as he managed to wheeze his way to answer the front door to the assessor!
  5. I have actually and I am certainly no apologist for Mr Osbourne, who increasingly comes across as an out of touch cretin. Not getting at you, but I'm not taking lessons in compassion from the Daily Mirror. Like all press articles, there will be an element of truth, mixed in with some rumour, a pinch of outrage and a bit that has been made up by the journalist concerned. At the end of the day, it matters not, because if the heat gets too much for boy George, he will make another U-turn!

  6. Well if you were aware of the facts, why did you post this…

    "Those that will have to justify their largesse will be the feckless, the fat, the drug-addled, the pissheads and the lazy, who have been taking the piss (and our taxes) for years. "

    DLA as you would or should know is not handed out to them, its handed out to people who are disabled and even the Government admits the fraud rate with DLA is a tiny 0.3%…*that's right, 0.3%. And the Government has set a target that 20% of claimants WILL be removed from the system.
    One presumes all the blind people who will no longer qualify under the new criteria were faking it?
  7. I defer to your greater knowledge on the subject.
  8. Does this have anything to do with 'Motability' cars? Because they are a massive scam for some - one woman known to me gets one for the two days a month when (or not, if he's more then usually fractious) she checks out her Asperger's child from his NHS home.
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  9. Nah, its more to do with things like this…

    Severely injured troops exempted from extra disability tests under new benefits | UK news | The Guardian

    Funny how Cameron did a quick double take and about face when soldiers without legs were being discharged from Headly Court and finding their mobility payments were being stopped when they went into the normal assessment system…*

    BBC News - Amputee soldier loses benefit after walking 400m

    very bad PR indeed.

    Anyone care to explain why someone who their legs in say a car accident is somehow less deserving of the same exemptions?
  10. Not sure if it's relevant but I was on crutches for the best part of 12 months (1999). A member of CAB suggested I might get a blue badge (temp.) to make life easier for me.
    One of the questions on the application referred to the distance I was able to "walk". If memory serves the cut off was 100 yards. I did not qualify because I could, in all honesty, manage the minimum distance.
    So probably not completely "Conservative new magic"?
  11. Whilst an emotive subject, I would be interested in how (if you can run 100m in 10.90sec) you can truly be described as mobility impared? Disabled yes.

    What system would you use for assessing if an individual was entitled to benefits rather than bluffing the system?

    My thought is if your disability does not prevent you from work (admittedly this is also a huge area for debate) why should you be entitled to anything (other than the disabilty pension and payout at the end of service for those in HMAF)?
  12. This is the same ATOS that CMD has contracted to run PIP assessments for the disabled from 2013…
    They can't even get assessments for the sick right, what chance for disabled people with complex medical problems.

    "Kevin Brennan (Cardiff West) (Lab): My hon. Friend is right to point out that the work capability assessment has been around for some time. For many years, I have been helping my constituent, Mr Robert Shafer, who was the victim of a poor assessment. Is my hon. Friend as concerned as I am that the chief medical officer of Atos is now Professor Michael O’Donnell? He was previously employed as chief medical officer by the American insurance company, Unum, which was described by the insurance commissioner for California, John Garamendi, as an “outlaw company” that has operated in an unlawful fashion for many years, running claims denial factories. Is that the kind of person that the Government should allow to be in charge of a work capability assessment system?"

    Tom Greatrex: I thank my hon. Friend for her intervention. She has made a point to which I hope the Minister will be able to respond.

    I will attempt to move on. Back in February, I wrote to the National Audit Office to outline concerns about the contract between Atos Healthcare and the DWP. The correspondence centred on two issues: first, a lack of efficiency in the use of public funds, to which I have referred, and secondly, a lack of accountability inherent in the disbursement of those public funds. As the recent House of Commons Library note and many of the figures that I have received as answers to parliamentary questions over the past 18 months or so have confirmed, and as my hon. Friend the Member for Caerphilly (Wayne David) reflected, 41% of those found fit for work appeal the decision and 38% have their appeal upheld. For those who seek the advice and support of professional advocacy groups such as Citizens Advice, the appeal success rate is closer to 70%. Just last week, Kent’s largest citizens advice bureau indicated an appeal success rate of 95%.

    House of Commons Hansard Debates for 04 Sep 2012 (pt 0001)
  13. And where do you get that info from? Got a link?