The Parachute Regiment v Royal Marines Charity Boxing Event

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Boxer818, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. The above event takes place at The Brewery, London on Tue 18 Sep.
  2. Do the fights take place inside or out of the ring?
  3. Roll mats permitted?
  4. What a knob!!!!
  5. Any tickets left ?
  6. Para Reg won it. Five bouts to three.

    This comes on top of Para Regs success earlier this year in the Trafalgar Cup (Paras v Bootnecks Rugby League) which means the bragging rights well and truly go to the maroon corner.
  7. .....................................A good night was had by all.....except the Marines of course!
  8. I was officiating tonite. A good event. Look forward to Ringside nxt thu.
  9. Any video clips to share?
  10. from the "Afghanistan trust" webpage.........

    "Sky Sports 1, Ringside at 7pm on Thur 20 Sept are showing a prologue to highlights of the Paras v Marines boxing event which will be televised on Thu 27 Sept 12 on Sky Sports Channel 1 at 7pm, on their Boxing Ringside programme ".
  11. Paras versus Marines, 18th September 2013
    The final score was The Parachute Regiment 5 bouts and The Royal Marines 3 bouts with Parachute Regiment taking the trophy and the adulation of the audience.
  12. Was there, cracking night. Some decent fights and a few quid raised for two very worthwhile charities......spent a mint and got minging...worth every penny
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  13. Any night punching Paras is a good night, even if you loose.:mrgreen: (this works both ways)

    Good effort Paras.
  14. My word Sir your crystal ball is excellent. You can rest assured that every penny I can muster will be deposited with Ladbrookes on the 17/9/2013 to capitalise on your generous tipstering.
    Well done to the Paras, now off to neck a bottle of Listerene.
    Return match next year naked roll mats.