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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Callum_Almighty, Jan 24, 2009.

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  1. Right, Alway Wanted To Join The Army Just Never Been To Sure What I Wanted To Do, During June 2008 I Completed Everything Up To Selection, I Broke My Collerbone 3 Days Before Selection :(
    I Was In Recruitment For King's Royal Hussar's, Challenger Two Battle Tanks For Those That Don't Know :idea:
    I Was Given Another Selection Date Of 7th Jan 2009, Which I Attend But Got Deferred Due To Having A Heart Mumor :x
    I Have Selection Again Down At Pirbright On The 10th Feb 2009 :D
    But Two Day's Ago I Phoned Up MY Recruitment Sgt And Asked To Change My Job Choice, I Have / Had My Sight's Set Apon 216 Para Signals Sqn
    I Have To Join R Signal's As A Driver Line's Man (Only For 2 Choice For R Signal's As I'm A Dumb Fcuk) And Then Once In Phase 2 Apply For Airbourne!
    And Hopefully Pass Through P Coy And Enter Service With The Para Signals Sqn.
    My Recruitment Sgt Has Asked Me To Go And See Him On Either Weds Or Thrus This Week.
    But After Alot Of Thinking Since Yesterday, Should I Just Go For Para's?
    Go For The Full Monty
    I'm Looking For More Of A Challenge And Exictement :idea: :p :D :!: :!:

    So I Think My Recruitment Sgt Will Be Pissed At Me Big Time When I Tell Him This.

    What Do You Guy's And Girls Think?
  2. Why have you put a capital letter at the front of every word? It's freaking me out.
  3. Why does every word in your post start with a capital letter??

    At selection if you make the run time for the Paras & pass all the requirements at your last interview you can tell the Officer you want to change your job joice, shouldn't be a problem
  4. Perhaps You Need To Make Your Mind Up Once For Definite Rather Than Change It Every Two Seconds.

    (annoying, isn't it?)
  5. Yea, suppose better contact him first thing monday morning!
    and yea, i think i could make the run time for para's on the 10th, i still got two weeks till the 10th :)
    what is the run time for para's?
    anyone know of the top of their head??
  6. 9.18, I think, or a bit more if you can lift a bigger weight at selection.
  7. 9.30 I believe. Easier
  8. Its 9.18, unless you get 116kg on the static lift, then it goes up to 9.40.
  9. Something come mind about 9.30 or lower
    umm.. is possible i could make it.. my last run was jus over 10 Minutes but would be hard to make it in time for 2 weeks!
  10. 9.18 ?
    Right.. It's sorted.
    don't think i can make that in time
  11. Why not just do your best and see how it goes from there?

    (or is that the wrong attitude to have?)
  12. It's simple really, if there is someone infront of you - take over them, concentrate on nothing else (except your footing of course) if you keep doing that you'll be at the front!

    It's less than 10 minutes of physical work, hardly going to kill you is it?*

    *Whiskey_60 excepts no liability for you dieing on your mile and a half run due to heart attacks, astma attacks or other causes of deaths linked to pushing too hard.
  13. i'll just get stuck in there and do my best
    And see what happens (Y)

  14. Yea, jus keep going with long stride's breath and keep going watching the guy infront then the next guy + so on.
    Cheer's Guy's!!
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