The Painters

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spaz, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of gravy on your meat & 2 veg.

    Now off to the clinic with you for the HIV test. :lol:
  2. Ah, the Japanese Flag.

    Nothing like a crispy tache.
  3. Three things

    1/ If you had gone down on her first then you would have quickly sussed the inappropriate timing of your dalliance and avoided said blood bath! Your selfishness as a lover was well rewarded! (after reading your the feck did you not realise!)

    2/ perhaps you were so uninspiring she couldn't even get moist and in the end reached for a sachet of mayonnaise to ease things along but in the dark got the ketchup instead!

    3/ Perhaps it was a recently transformed transsexual and the stitches had not fully healed. That could prove rather messy!
    8O :D
  4. Class.
  5. I have the same defence for all three points m'lud, loads of booze and being shite'ers.
  6. Don't worry mate... everything is treatable... although not everything is curable... Friday the 13th eh....[​IMG]

    Farnham Road Hospital , Guildford
    01483 573852 - appointments and results
    01483 537007 - advice and information
    Monday 9.30am - 7.30pm
    Tuesday 9.30am - 4pm
    Thursday 9.30am - 12pm
    Friday - emergency only 9.30am - 1pm with registration at 9am
  7. fresh orange is a lovely drink as well........................
  8. Was it Jan the paraman or Legs you trapped off with then?