The Outsiders (1983)

Why can't you buy The Outsiders on DVD? I've been looking for years, but it's never been released. I've got the very over rated Rumblefish, but I can't seem for the life of me get hold of The far superior Outsiders.

The best Brat Pack film in my opinion, everyone seemed to be in it: C. Thomas Howell,Matt Dillon,Ralph Macchio,Patrick Swayze,Rob Lowe,Elimio Estevez and Tom Cruise.
The Author of the book, S. E Hinton wrote in 1966 when she was only 15.
emember studying it for English in school and watching it on Vhs, not sure bout dvd though.
Can be freely downloaded from the following[1983]DVDrip[Eng]-Kole.avi[1983]DVDRip-tots

You'll need a torrent application like UTorrent before you click on the above links, just download and run the following

And I'd reccomend running Peer Guardian2 before hand. Again download and run the following, just remember to start it before you click on the first two links at the top of the post.

But I never told you as apparently it is a bit illegal due to copyright stuff :)
Great film - although I enjoyed the book better, first time I read it as soon as I finished the last page I turned straight back to the beginning again.

Used to have it on video but seem to have lost it unfortunately.
tiggie said:
it is available on amazon, american region 1 copy only though, but that will work on most uk dvd players and certainly on a pc/laptop one.

I was just about to add that!!
American Region 1 work on most DVDs? Nice one, I had noticed it on Amazon but I didn't think it would play(I'm a techno mong) Cheers, I'm going to order it then.
I hope I don't cry at the end when Dal gets killed by police.
it will work, you just have to do these 7 very easy steps.

Turn on the Player with no disc on the tray. The tv screen and the dvd lcd will display "No Disk"

2. Press the "Repeat" key on the Samsung remote control

3. Press the keys: "5 7 5 3 8" on the remote. Number 2 appears on the screen for a short time.

4. Press "9". Number 9 is displayed on the screen.

5. Press the "Open/close" button in the remote. The tray will open. Leave it open for a few seconds.

6. Just press the "On/off" button in the remote.

7. You now have a multi-region dvd player!!
On DVD Regions, just in case this is of use to anyone getting a Panasonic (maybe others, no idea)? When going through the initial Set-up it asks you to select your Region. For whatever reason, probably because I didn't understand the question :D , I didn't select anything and moved on. Result, the machine works fine and is not sensitive to Region codes, either pre-recorded DVDs or ones I burn myself. 8O

Maybe someone can advise if this works on other makes?

Any, out of curiosity, why isn't The Outsiders available on DVD? You would think such a classic Brat Pack movie would of been released years ago.
With with the risk of sounding like a mong, I've been on the look out for The Outsiders for ages. Maybe it's only recently been released.
Stand by for incoming, it's probably been out for f ucking years.

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