Okay so with all the outrage topics popping up, and the mods deleting a few im sure they are getting bored with them littering the NAAFI so litter this thread with any overly PC, stupid, common sense gone down the drain, Outrage threads you get my drift instead of making brand new threads.
We can look back at this thread in 30 or so years when there has been a revolution of sorts and we can use this as justification of why it happened, and edit it to our desires, ministry of Truth 1984 sort of thing :twisted:
The NAAFI Bar is no place for threads of this nature. I am outraged!

Edited to acknowledge the faster thinking, and typing fingers, of whosthedaddy!

(and again for mong spelling)
callum13 said:
Allah will smite you all.

head wobbled.

Now what? :0
Well, you could always try putting it between your leg and kissing your ARRSE goodbye... :D

It's an outragous suggestion I know, because if 'man'kind could do that, we'd all be unemployed, smoking ourselfs sans daughters in the cellar... :roll:
Is that MDN.^

I put this in the NAAFI because i knew there could never be a serious thread about such things,problem with todays world moan about something for 10 mins and do fcuk all about it and forget about it a few days later. Just wanted to highlight all the shit we have been outraged at lately, if we merged them all together it would rival the walt thread.
Back in my day eh we would have got out pitchforks,bag of potatos and march down to parliment, tut yoof of today...
actually I'm outraged that 'tit monday' wasn't noticed yesterday...I was out flouncing about bra less and bare legged in a short summer frock for the first time this year!

Or was that just East Anglia?

Today pi55ing down and back to a jumper!
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