The outrage bus POL'd and ready to roll!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by postman_twit, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. As tomorrow is that great day known as Walterween I thought I would get the bus ready nice and early to ensure there's enough room for all those nashing their teeth at the merest hint of Waltery.

    Last year one of the bastards had the cheek to query my VC and bar!!!

    So get your photographic evidence on here and share the indignation. 'All aboard'.
  2. Do we have to bring our own sarnies or are meals supplied?
  3. I've promised myself that no matter how walty (is that a real word?) someone gets I'm going to carry on with my drink and leave him to his delusions.
  4. Panda Pops, Bensons Crisps, Blue Ribands, ham and tomato sandwiches and bruised apples are available on request. Sausage* rolls may be provided if required.

    *May or may not contain sausage.
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  5. I was off work yesterday & decided to "treat" myself to Jeremy Kyle in the morning, and there was a fat old cunt in a leather waistcoat on there who had been telling everyone in his local that he had been in the SAS & in Basra, funny as fuck that he got called a liar on national TV for it.
  6. Maccy Ds drive through okay for you???? Anyone know the height of the outrage bus??? Wouldn't want to cause an incident and drive off with the golden arches attached!
  7. You might need to get another one out of the garage, this one's full Outrage Bus.jpg
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  8. It will be fine, its like the Tardis - bigger on the inside, well it has to be, to seat all the angry mob and carry all the pitchforks.
  9. I've only indented for 45 horror bags. The chefs will NEVER let me ask for more now.
  10. And willing still be frozen in the middle in order to thaw out slowly throughout the morning to ensure maximum bacterial growth.
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  11. Put in a retrospective claim for CILOR and raid the Regtl safe, leaving the chit behind.
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  12. The Battle Bus and the Ice Cream Van will be available for use of outrage tomorrow, but if I catch anyone eating, drinking or smoking whilst aboard, so help me God there will be smacked bottoms!

    It's a TransBus Trident, so is approx 14' tall. Looks like you fat bastards will have to mingle with the chavs inside! MUHAHAHA!