"The Other Two"

I've been spending the morning catching up with things here at ARRSE, and I noticed that ctauch and I have our own entry in the ARRSEpedia. I almost covered the computer in coffee when I found out ctauch and I are living together in a trailer and that I am a transvestite (NOT true, I'm transexual! :D ). Whoever came up with our entry, cheers!

One minor mistake under MDN's entry. There is nothing "semi-retired" about his goat blowning activities.
manchestercop said:
And i thought you were dead..... suppose you can't get everything you wish for. :D
The fag Irish cop climbs off his boyfriend and waddles to the computer. :wink:

Ctauch and I will always be around to show you Brits what real men are like. You could say we are like herpies, once you catch us, you have us for life. :D
Glad to see you back Corps...how did your hoopectomy go?
What do you mean "How did your Hoopectomy go?"?

You mean you haven't been trying to burst it already? Whilst simultaneously trying to shove Kaigogi down his gob?

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