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The sketch is this:

CSS capbadge - in a really non-deployable job which is (quietly) driving me mad. Fiancee of 1+ years, girlfriend of 6 years prior.

One Op tour under my belt (in 5 years' service) and really want another.

Current CO can stand the gap. Want HERRICK as I've done TELIC.

Volunteered last time - which kind of hacked everyone off.

Can I volunteer again? Should I be more open about it this time?

Bear in mind that this ought to be my last tour ever in (short) remaining career before I give up and get a proper job.

Opinions and abuse welcome!


Right. If you have kids, you really should think what's best for them. Anything can happen whilst on tour.

If it's only the two of you then you should think what really would make you happier. You only have one life, one chance to make it count, to make your dreams come true. Also, you're only young once, you say this is your last chance to volunteer before you give up and get a proper job.

Either way, make sure to take a good life insurance to protect your love ones. I know money doesn't replace you but it helps the ones you leave behind, should the worst happen.

If she coped during your last tour then what makes you think there would be a difference with this one? I know this will sound incredibly corny but real love can go to extreme lenghts under extreme circumstances. Have a good chat with your better half and take it from there.

Good luck :)


You must be a right c*ck if you have to ask for that level of advice on a f*cking website. Who really gives a f*ck whether you deploy or not?

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