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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by eSeL, May 11, 2006.

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  1. Was looking at the thread about earnings wih interest and it would seem that some wouldd have to offer a trade-off to their other halves. Would I be right in saying that some out there have disapproving other halves?
  2. Mine doesn't mind, but I do have the occassional moan when the kids have been playing up over the weekend. As for the comments on the other thread, mine wouldn't be supportive if she worked Mon-Fri and left it down to her on weekends

    She doesn't like mess functions but enjoys rememberence parades and awards ceromonies (when I was getting something).
  3. My other half has been in the T.A for 12 years now, he is away most weekends and on the odd occassions we are unable to have our annual holiday as he leave from work is used up with annual camp etc. I work shifts, including weekends and night duty. I dont mind in the least him being in the T.A or how many weekends he goes away, sometimes upto 8 in a row. ( we have children) Its something he loves doing. It brings extra cash into the house and i get time to do my own thing as well. Its time the other halves put up and shut up about their blokes being in the T.A and got on with having a life of their own. So your blokes away on the occassional weekend and one eve per week, whats the drama? He's earning money isn't he? Alternatively, the same men could spend the weekend playing golf or football etc and spending time and money away from the house and family. Mine was deployed to Iraq on optelic 1 in the middle of a family crisis with ten days notice, whats the drama? You just get on with it and enjoy the time that you do have together.
  4. Its not just blokes who are in the T.A. women are too! They are also away weekends/weeks/months and
    in their civilian lives have to work Monday until Friday - and look after the home/kids at weekends,
    and even with the extra pay, cant afford an annual holiday!
    Ok rant over, just need to state the rather obvious here.
  5. The poll isn't gender specific :roll:

    Yes, my girlfriend does have a few objections but knows that I love doing it so she's learnt that her objections won't change a thing with regards to the TA and the amount of time that I'm away.
  6. yes after 18 yrs the other half is well and truly fed up with it now...cant blame her either
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    One now ex mrs told me that she didnt like me being in the TA. I said back to her that it was something i enjoyed. She merely repeated that she didnt like it. Seemed to quite upset when i shrugged and said oh well...

    Of course she was a manipulating bicth troll from hell...
  8. I was seeing a chap in the Infantry and when I told him I wanted to join the TA he was most put out. His two main reasons for objecting were:
    1) Women shouldn't be in the Army.
    2) I see green all week, the last thing I want is to see a room full of it at the weekend.

    He went, and I joined. Haven't looked back since (hmmm, though he was very fit).
  9. msr

    msr LE

    "It's the TA or me!"
    "See ya, love"


  10. As a full-timer, I have a g/friend who serves in the T.A.. I'm not all that keen on it because as nice a girl as she is we all know what goes on at camps. Can i or can i not trust her? Thats the question.

    I'm probably unfortunate in having a better insight into what goes on at T.A. camps, so i can hardly blinker myself to it considering I often participated with a willing female TA candidate!

    I'm just waiting now for a tirade of b*****t comments about "nothing" going on at TA camps....
  11. Her indoors talked about joining once, I talked her out of it - for some reason (no guesses which)
  12. No, that's the answer. :wink:

    Oh unless everyone in her unit knows who you are and you threaten them with big sticks upon first meeting them.

    Just think what the boys get up to and realise that there is more opportunity (statistically) for the girls to get up to that kind of nonsense.
  13. my wife hates it
  14. I'm in the bad books today for daring to book a place on a course that coincides with a distant cousin's wedding. The end of the world is nigh...
  15. My wifey has got used to it, or given up being pissed off

    She knows its what I do, if its a weekend, not raining, not working etc etc