The other arms bergen

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 5.56mm, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. the best bergen i think but a bit embarrasing to wear
  2. Why is it the 'best'?

    It's a rucksack. Where does the sleeping bag go?
    My infanteer mind can't comprehend it...
  3. you put sleeping bag inside waterproof sack and strap on top you can even fit it inside sometimes.
  4. Have you been at your mum's sherry again?
  5. yea though i would ask it again though
  6. I'll play along for now.

    Yes... so where does all the rest of your kit go then? Or do you only carry a sleeping bag?
  7. 8O What brand of crack are you smoking 8O
  8. 5.56 meet 5.56 preferably at several thousand feet per second!
  9. Don't you remember the glorious 58 pattern haversack?

    Obviously 5.56mm hankers back to the good old days.
  10. i squeeze it all in i only use other arms bergen for little campse.g. fa drill and big bergen for big camps e.g moi,leadership
  11. Having read some of your other posts, it turns out you're a cadet...


    So where did you get all the bergens then? I'm guessing you don't get them issued...
  12. no got given them by peeps i no
  13. Something says to me that this is a Wah. No one on earth likes that all arms bergan, and if you still have one you shouldnt as its not used anymore, because its useless.
  14. 5.56. in my old unit we used to have a word for people like you.


    Stop asking fecking stupid questions. Go and have a W@nk. You'll feel better.