The origins of PC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dui-lai, Sep 13, 2004.

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  1. I dont know where the P.C 'movement' came from - but wish to f**k it would go back there again..... :D

    Havent had time to read the article/link you posted, but have bookmarked it & will wade through it in a bit.

  2. Hmmm totalitarian liberalism, interesting.

    An American reinventing P.C as communism, that will go down well with the far right,

    maybe the sprit of McCarthy lives on.
  3. That article is polemical rubbish. There are big problems with it - good for bringing into discussion in a pub or with a London cabbie, bad for understanding social history.

    Though no fan of Political Correctness - in any way - I do think that article is just utter tripe. Be wary of it.
  4. Have just read the article/paper .. whatever.

    I was disappointed. Here, I thought, might be something with a bit of authority, something to explain where this modern curse is coming from.

    Sadly not.

    The author is simply spouting off his opinions as fact.
    He does not follow the usual conventions of paper writing. There are no references to the works that he quotes from and there are sweeping generalisations with no evidence to back them up.

    If this document were left in any University staff-room, it would be briefly read, laughed at and thrown in the bin. This would then be followed by a witch hunt to find the author, who would be removed from the campus and then a big self-congratulatory staff party afterwards.

    If PC is to be, at best moderated, then anyone trying to undermine its core arguements must be much more logical and less emotive.

    I agree with Techtechtech's sarcasm.
  5. I thought it was excellent.

    having attended university in North America at the height of the Cold War, i can indentify almost every symptom he mentioned. some of you may say it is polemic tripe - but he is fighting policitcial bullsh*t with its own words.

    PC is seriously eroding British culture and society. look at the current government and B*liars pals - Hoon, Straw, Mandelson, Hewitt, Hain, Cook - all of them are either ex-Communists or ex-Trots. you wonder where the current lot of riduclous rules and dictates are coming from!

    look at the arguements on some of the other threads, rise of multi-culturism, the disappearance of any British pride or the loss of faith in the legal system.

    Oh, by the way, my degree thesis was a review of Neo-marxism as defined by the America political class.
  6. To paraphrase St Paul: "take from it that which is good". It may well be tripe, but that doesn't mean that there isn't an element of truth in it. It's particularly astute in it's polemic about Cultural Marxism and PC. Ask the question: how much of what that article says do i recognise in Tony BLiar's Britain of today?
  7. If the author of that article wishes to be taken at all seriously, regardless of the content of political cant inherent in the document as seen, he must adhere to the conventions of academic writing. Any document must be referenced so that the evidence for his opinions can be seen.

    As seen the document is worthless, regardless of its content. It is, in essence a rant, not an essay on socio-political history.

    aggreeing with some or all (or none) of the content does not change it's academic worth.
  8. Without being pedantic, its a speech, not a written article, so the manner of his writting should be ignored.

    if however, you are criticising the manner in which he has structured his arguement grammatically, then i think you are missing the point.

    otherwise, his talk, which is clearly attempting to provide some backgound on the prevelance of PC Nazi attitudes in American academia, was very informative.
  9. Thanks for the pop-up-tastic link :wink:
  10. good link dude :!:
  12. T3,

    There is no conspiracy theory, many if not all of the examples given in both articles take place daily in N.A universities and in government run agencies.

    In Canada a few years ago (during th late 80's actually) a woman wrote an interesting letter to her local rag (in Halifax on the East Coast).

    In it, she basically said, Immigrants, welcome to Canada, a nation of tolerant and open-minded liberals - leave your own prejudices at the door.

    She was slated - Nationally - for months, the PC brigade even tried to get her charged under race crime legislation that had, at the time, been recently brought in. It was nuts!

    I would love to track this article down and try and send it to The Guardian - they be frothing at the mouth with self-righteous indignation.

    Why if i was a black man in America i can call other black men N*gger, but as a white man i cannot use the word niggardly :?:
  13. I'm sorry PY but that, to me, is a call to arms 'cos 'The Reds' are coming! :wink:

    Don't get me wrong, I do not doubt the veracity of what you are saying (posting) here. In fact I once had an argument with a PC guru on a plane, of all places, who told me that I should value religious 'truth', cultural 'truth' and intuitive 'truth' (he did not say what the last one was and I still have no idea) higher than scientific 'truth'. he did not see the point at all when I said 'have you noticed you are FLYING in a PLANE'

    I would be wary of using these articles as an arguing point. they seem to come from (and I hesitate to say this) from the spittle flecked realm of the far right.