The Origins of Naked Bar?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LordVonHarley, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. Ok, when did it all start? Did Roman soldiers do it? Did Vikings have Naked Raids, running through small English villages in the buff (except for a horned helmet and sword)?

    Where did this hallowed ritual begin?
  2. I believe it began when someone thought it to be a good idea to yell... "naked bar" :D
  3. Vikings did run around naked bar essential combat equipment...hence bare sark, berserkr etc...
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    [pedant][wah]One particular Viking nutter would wear nothing but his bearskin, and it was the the bearskin and the fact that he was a nutter, in the Norse language was converted to the English word 'Beserker'.[/pedant][/wah]
  5. I first encounter NB in Fallingbostel in about 1992. It was my last R.O.S duty in the unit prior to posting. I went to close the NAAFI bar as usual only to find the place in an uproar. The LAD were doing naked bar and three senior NCOs were having a competition to see how long they could sit still on bar stools with their pubes smouldering. Since the lads were my mates I stopped to enjoy the cabaret.

    One of the wives complained and the shit hit my fan the next day.

    Fortunately the RSM didn't realise that I would never have the time to do all those extras, I was gone the very next day, laughing all the way to Calais. My own pubes took much longer to recover.

  6. The word Berserker comes from a combination of "bjorn" and "sarkr", something along the lines of "Bear-Shirt".

    The "Bear-Shirt" was worn by the elite of Viking warriors, who would tremble before a battle and go mad while in the midst of it, often failing to distinguish between friend and foe, i.e. going "berserk".

    Some modern scholars now believe that these berserkers, who were often linked within bloodlines (like the father and son in "Erik the Viking") had a history of epilepsy among them.
  7. Interesting as all this is, when they went to Valhalla, did they call naked bar? This is what we want to know.
  8. Most Celts scorned the use of armour and before about 300 B.C. preferred to fight naked. Some Celtic tribes still fought naked at the battle of Telamon in 225 B.C.

    And no doubt were naked in ye olde Naffiee afterwards
  9. It comes from the term "Neccis barium" which literally translated means "stripping and inersting something in the anus.
  10. That bjorn sarker stuff is as historically accurate and justified as the whole nine yards explanations - the internet has a lot to answer for!
  11. We tried to pull off a naked plane on a trooping flight back to the UK in 97.
  12. I believe the term 'naked bar' originates from Wathgill Camp in the early seventies. This was during an ACF concentration of some 400 young boys and their adult charges. Apparently a rather attractive 15 year old 2 star cadet, complete with bum-fluff and a smattering of soft anal down had to enter the Sgt Mess where the AI's were having a function.

    On entering the establishment, he was clocked by one of the sexual predators whereby the cry of 'Naked Bar!' went out, before the poor unfortunate was dragged to the ground, stripped and forcibly entered in every orifice. His only saving grace was during semper's turn, where he had the fortitude to spit in the young 'un's arse hole before he violated him.

    Not all bad news though. The cadet got to shoot his muck too when his prostate was touched by a rather eager AI's tongue.
  13. Is it wrong that I got a semi-on reading that?