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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DodgerH, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. 2200hrs History channel +1.....TONIGHT

    How David Sterling set it all up.
  2. Not too many left now, god bless 'em - worth watching
  3. Seconded - but why is this in the Naffi Bar. :?
  4. Set what up?
    Did he invent Werthers?

  5. Sorry error :cry:

  6. I take it your not extracting the urine?
  7. Que? :?

  8. OK then....he started the LRDG....later ?21 SAS
  9. And they became them
  10. Wah!

    Gotcha. :D
  11. Good watch.
  12. No he didn,t start the L.R.D.G, it was already in being and he used them to ferry his S.A.S guys around the sandpits for a while till he proffed enough vehs for his own crowd. I belive L.R.D.G was originaly called Long Range Desert Patrol, in the years before the war started, there,s some stories about it somewhere.
  13. LRDP were the first unit, the LRDG was the same unit with a few more men and a few more vehicles. Bit like turning a Sqn in to a Regiment.

    I think most of their extra manpower came from Layforce which was disbanded about the time the LRDG renamed. The lads had the choice of staying "commando" or going back to a line unit of infantry.

    LRDG ferried the newly formed SAS about the desert. I think the LRDG eventually were subsumed in to the SAS later.