The Originals - The History Channel 9pm

The main bit of the story is old hat, but the program could be quite illuminating.

The Originals - David Stirling

Allen Hoe's book "David Stirling" is an outstanding read for anyone who gets interested by this program. In particular the book goes into what Stirling did after the war which, in many ways, is more interesting.


I was almost stood to attention through most of that.

I've had a fair few storys told to me by various gents in various British Legions, but these blokes - well, there is no comparison.

Unfortunately, the programme was marred by Tim Collins being a shite presenter, IMO.

Look forward to the rest of the series, neverless.
is Alan Hoe also known as Spike?
I had the misfortune to see this dross on the History channel last night. What a lost opportunity, this could have been a first class documentary and not just another cheap amateurish waste of time. As for the footage of the Originals having not been shown before/ recently discovered, that is a blatant lie as I have seen the same interviews used on a Channel 5 programme as well as a UK History programme. The review in yesterdays Times says it all. David Stirling would not be impressed in such a lacklustre representation of his heroic exploits.

Times Review
Agreed it was a tad disappointing. Would be far better if (and I never thought I'd find myself writing this) had they used Ross Kemp to present and employed TC as a talking head to provide insights/comparisons with the modern era.

TC wasn't aided by the fact that the script appeared to be written with an eye on the advert breaks so that we had an element of 'and now a repetition of what I said three minutes ago for those of you suffering from amnesia', and the clear 'all officers who have even been close to a Staff College are snivelling, craven, inky-fingered numpties' message - although having heard him speak on other occasions, I'm sure TC enjoyed delivering that bit!

A lost opportunity, but probably a function of the production company having to do it all on the cheap.

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