The original boyband (and never surpassed)

Only they didn't call themselves that at the time, since it was in the 1930s and in Hitler Germany. These guys didn't have the advantage of all the technology that can make your average slob of a chav sound close to Pavarotti, they simply relied on their prodigious natural talents as outstanding vocal artists.

If you appreciate extremely close harmonies as displayed by G4, but miles better, just get a load of these fellas:

Enjoy! Viel Genuß, Kameraden!



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Ah, Spike Jones and the City Slickers. Used to be standard fare on Billy Cotton Band Show, and hildren's Favourites.
Their version of 'Tea for Two' is sublime!
currymunter said:
With a dod of luck, grampa Munter slotted at least one of them. That'll fix it!
A laugh dribble has just escaped :lol:

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