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The Original Bloody Sunday.

The telly this morning (three different stations) reporting that The Queen will visit Croke Park today,the scene of a "massacre" carried out by the British Army.
Not one of them mentioned the IRA killing 14 British civilians that morning.
Un-biased reporting ?


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The BBC reporter did. He mentioned that 14 British officers had been killed by the IRA in the morning of the Croke Park incident.
I was under the impression that it wasn't the British Army, but the Auxiliaries and the RIC (Both of which had many Irish members) who carried out the massacre, and that the Black and Tans (Who are often unfairly blamed for the incident) were not involved in the shooting (although they did set up a cordon around the stadium)

Still doesn't change the fact that British security forces were responsible for the massacre of 14 innocent Irishmen and women who's only crime was to turn up to a Gaelic Football match.

On the other hand, to call the Cairo Gang 'civilians' is quite clearly bollocks. The way they were killed (Unarmed and in their beds) was certainly distasteful, but they were legitimate combatants non-the-less. I don't think anyone here would complain about Taliban commanders being gunned down unarmed and in their beds by special forces (And rightfully so)
OK I have now read the stories and apologise for calling the British intelligence officers "civilians" However my original point still stands.The media still making no mention that British intelligence officers were killed prior to the Croke Park incident.


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I am no fan of the Beeb, but yet again the reporter mentioned that the incident at Croke Park came about after 14 officers had been killed by the IRA.


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This is from wikipedia and is the least biased source that I could find.


Like A-Y, I too have heard references from the reporters on Auntie about what happened at Croker and the reasons for it.

We weren't there in 1920. We can spout as much ill-informed shoite as we want about what happened (and about Op Banner too), but lets face facts.

We're in a new world now. Me and my brother can go home and see our family without being excoriated. My father and mother got to see their parents' graves before they themselves died.

Gallowglass can, and does, lay poppies on 11/11.

And I hope that the Rev Ian Kyle Paisley has learned that ambulences going into the Bogside aren't carrying weapons for the IRA.
I always thought the original Bloody Sunday was in Russia in 1905?
Take your pick.
Bloody Sunday (1887), a demonstration in London, England against British repression in Ireland
Bloody Sunday (1900), a day of high casualties in the Second Boer War, South Africa
Bloody Sunday (1905), a massacre in Saint Petersburg, Russia that led to the 1905 Russian Revolution
Everett massacre (1916), violence in Washington, United States between trade union members and local authorities
Bloody Sunday (1919), a massacre of civilians of German ethnic origin in Maribor during the protest at the central city square
Bloody Sunday (1920), a day of violence in Dublin, Ireland during the Irish War of Independence
Bloody Sunday (1921), a day of violence in Belfast, Northern Ireland during the Irish War of Independence
Bloody Sunday (1926), a day of violence in Alsace
Bloody Sunday (1938 ), police violence against unemployed protesters in Vancouver, Canada
Bloody Sunday (1939), aka Bromberg Bloody Sunday, a massacre in Bydgoszcz, Poland, at the onset of World War II
Bloody Sunday (1965), a violent attack during the first of the Selma to Montgomery marches in Alabama, United States
Bloody Sunday (1969), violence after a protest in Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey
Bloody Sunday (1972), shooting of unarmed civilian protesters by the British Army (Parachute Regiment) in Derry, Northern Ireland
Bloody Sunday in Lithuania (Lithuania) - January 13, 1991 attack on civilians.


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Probably best to avoid Sundays then Onetap?
Mind if we have to send the Queen to every nation where we cuffed a few people over the years she's going to be busy for a long while yet


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The Lord's day does seem to be a popular choice for a bit of massacring.
Do the Jews do bloody Saturdays, or the Muslims have a list of bloody Fridays, I wonder?

Could you just look up "Amritsar - Golden Temple" whilst you're checking the rest?

I do believe that Sikhism might be involved.

There's a good chap

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