The Ordacity of the Cant

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by geezer466, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - Tony Blair: I'd have done better than Brown in 2010 election

    Does the hypocrisy of this feckwit know no bounds?

    Blair and his Government with Brown as Chancellor for all those years are part of the main reason this Country is in shit street today
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  2. Cue funny names for all involved...
  3. Dissembling barsteward that he is, I think that he's probably right. The bit about making a difference and not money shows how contemptuous he still is of everyone.
  4. So the Blair Broadcasting Corporation is still bowing to its master?
  5. IMHO Blair knew he was captain of a sinking ship and got out before the excrement/air circulating system interface.
    His hind sight arrogance is, in the least, rose tinted. He was a busted flush.
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  6. Would Blair have made a better job of it than the deeply dysfunctional, cynical and hugely disliked Gordon Brown? Probable.

    Would he have been a better choice than Herman Van Rompuy? Maybe but would have gone wholly EU native

    Is he still a self interested bastard? Certainly
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  7. To be honest he right, Kim Jung-Un would have done better than the surly faced humourless Brown - living proof that medical science had mastered the art of the Charisma Bypass
  8. Not really, one of the reasons, yes, but the main reason? Duff financial transactions perpetrated by US banks was the main reason, buying loan books with shed loads of bad/unrecoverable loans on them. These loan books were then sold to the world as the next best thing since sliced bread, and the EU along with the UK bought into them?

    Where there was a problem was the lack of regulation in the bear farm, a reluctance by all political parties to legislate financial bodies. Back in the 1980's before I left the UK, There was a bank called the bank of credit and Commerce, in which a Mr. Sipra 'borrowed' £750million pounds, and buggered off to Northern Cyprus once the dogs found him. The Government of the Day [Mrs. T] was reluctant to introduce legislation, and didn't. Bought the bank for a £1 and said that the future of the economy was at stake if they did nothing. No fiscal regulations were changed as far as I am aware, and according to local press in SE Asia, it was the self same undermining of the banks which occurred in the 1980's which allowed the Bear farm to run riot between 2008 & 2010.

    Even now, after the industrialised world has crashed, I beleave the earliest that your government believes it can protect the retail banking sector [thats normal banking] with new legislation will not come into affect until 2020.

    Incidentally, India who did introduce banking laws that would have stopped this sort of mess, and did do in our case, has had legislation in place since 1984.

    Me thinks that there is a lot of smoke being laid by your current government so as to avoid doing anything, why and who benefits is always a question to asked. Also what gives with this Mr. Osborne? he is a dullard halfwit who according to this afternoons news after stopping benefits for the disabled has taken to parking in disable parking slots.
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  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    unfortunately he probably would have - provided the brown years never happened nor the back stabbing going on. everyone knew the tories weren't ready which was why they didn't win outright but they had had enough of gordon.

    I can see the tories losing next time for another short disastrous labour term and then they might try to come back with a proper plan like they did in 79 with MPs who had had a taste, messed it up and were ready to do it properly this time. I think this current crop want to lose and go back to the easy life in opposition, milking the system for everything they can.

    the country is still stuffed though - in stopping boom and bust (allegedly) brown just let us in for a bigger boom and longer bust. until we have a political revolution which sees spin doctors hung from lamp posts and political advisors banned from being parachuted into safe seats we're doomed. the country will drift further and further away from westminster who will be elected on smaller and smaller votes yet continue to claim the democratic right to destroy us through ineptitude and incompetance.
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  10. If I am honest, while we have these "professional politicians" infesting all parties, you know the type, same tailor, school, uni, assistant to an MP, lobbist, safe seat in parliament, who knows naff all about the world we are going to lurch from one bunch of ineffective retards to another.....

    I would love to see a law that requires an MP to have done something in life before being allowed to stand as a candidate
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  11. And ban people in pr or "consultants" unless medical ones for ever standing and lawyers unless proper criminal ones.

    Exception if they have achieved something of note then gone into consultancy to spread useful knowledge.
    But a besuited weasal **** off I'd rather have boris and galloway at least they belive in something.
  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    they need to break away from consultants and quangos so back to a simple but accountable civil service. start sacking them and they will do a better job in future. too much promoting out of the way in british business and govt.

    I have failed to see any consultant brought in to improve matters even justify his own inflated pay packet let alone improve things but they would rather listen to an overpaid ponce in pink shirt tell them how to do it than listen to the staff who have been doing it for 40 years and have seen it all before. just like officers and enlisted men.
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  13. And how does the one eyed ones obsession with the fact he had single handedly ended boom and bust fit in with this explanation exactly?

    Yes I am sure the way they sliced and diced the sub prime MBS in the US had a part to play but it was not the be all and end all.

    You may recall banks falling over each other to lend 6 or 7 times annual salary to anything with a heartbeat and this is undoubtedly part of the cause.

    They created a self fuelling property bubble the value of which is nothing like what the banks have written down as security for it. This explains why the UK banks are in such a shit state and are not willing to exercise a little more risk aversion when it comes to lending to kick start the economy.

    Brown as chancellor had a huge part to play in this, it was his responsibility first as chancellor then as PM to have noticed the head of steam building up in this bubble and to have stopped it.

    Instead the self opinionated **** selfishly believed his own mantra and that he really had ended boom and bust.
  14. Hardly an audacious (or ordacious if you will) statement: it would merely have pitted two equally glib communicators against each other and the fact that Blair is a communicator makes him immediately more credible than Brown.