The Operators

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Goony, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. The Operators: On the Streets with Britain's Most Secret Service by James Rennie.

    Not a bad read. About half way so far. Being from Northern Ireland I find incidents and references to places very interesting.

    Anyone gave this a read?
  2. Years ago. Not bad, and a change form the usual SAS Porn. :)

    Fishers of Men is also worth a read.
  3. Read it a few years ago and it is good.

    Cheers for the steer on Fishers of men.
  4. Read it in Palace then spoke to a few old sweats who were around at the time.

    Good book smiled at the street light op being denied by headshed
  5. No worries. :)

    Liked the photo of the dog with a handgun at it's feet and the caption: "An Operator in heavy disguse..." :lol:
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Yup read this and liked the book, I'd recommend it. I think one or two of THEM had an issue with it, not sure why now - perhaps it was criticism of their mexican moustaches
  7. I knew the man but I never liked him. Good book though.
  8. I was told a few years ago that he didn't actually complete the course which is why so much of the book revolves round the training and selection.

    I was also told that the incidents he describes were all used as examples during the course and took place too far apart to have happened during one persons tour.

    Anyone know if that is likely to be correct?
  9. On the basis it was submitted to the MoD for checking, I doubt they would've let such blatant 'walting' to go un-noticed!
  10. From my knowledge of him that is not inconceivable. I encountered him prior to his alleged exploits on ops and later he was virtually my neighbour in his pad.
  11. From what(very)little I know, there has never been much love lost between the SAS and 14 Int/SRR.

    The first time I ever read the word Walt used in a military context was in McNab's book(the sequal to Bravo Two Zero)when he uses it to discribe 14 Int.

    He also claims that he and another SAS soldier had to be threatend with being RTU'd before they would accept an attachment to 14 Int. McNab claims that he and the other bloke p1ssed all over the Det during the weapons training because it was "Just handguns".
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    ISTR there's far too much detail about NI to be without some help, the op exploits are really quite limited so there is not a lot of bigging himself up.

    I don't think there is much to the "made it all up" story myself.

    see for yourself:
  13. My bold...because of course McNab is the authority on all things SF....having been "in" does not necessarily make him the oracle.
  14. My bold. :wink: I never claimed he was. Just pointing out one of Them's opinion of 14 Int, which was less than flattering. Having never met any 14 Int/SRR soldiers, I'm not in any position to judge them.

    A couple of months back, an ARRSEr posted that, after a presentation to potential recruits from Them, one of their NCO's told the recruits: "If you fail Selection, then go back to your unit with your head held high. On no account join that load of pr1cks in the SRR!" 8O
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    beware of making one or two peoples opinions of another unit fact, otherwise we'll all be buggered.

    Also, of course, a few blokes opinions (actually more than that I accept) does not make their opinions right for you.

    I believe that 14int all got badged carte blanche one day did they not? That's gonna add a bit of annoyance to a bloke that slogged his guts out on the hills.