The Open University, English students changes.

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by chocolate_frog, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. If you are thinking of starting to study with the OU read below, if you are already studying (and haven't seen the email/info) then there is a transisitional scheme in place to keep (hopefully) the cost of your study at level you may have budgeted for.

    From Sept 2012 English students with the OU are going to be paying £5,000 for 120 points worth of study.

    For those unfamiliar with the OU 120points is worth 1 year of study at Uni. 360 pts, divided equally between the 3 levels (roughly 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of Uni) give you a Bachelor degree with honours.

    As of Sept 2012 the cost will be £5,000 for 120 points, divided up as neccesary. ie a 60 point course will cost £2500, a 30 point course will cost £1250.

    Having spoken to them today, they were unable to state whether or not the 10 point taster courses are affected by this, if they are they are going to cost £420 rather than the 200 as now.

    OU students will be allowed to access government loans to cover this cost. Which is a first for OU/part time students.

    I'll update as I find more information.

    If you live in Wales, Scotland and NI then it is normal jogging. If you are BFPO but live in England usually you are affected as above. This change is due to the Government pulling £90 million from the budget of the OU (as per other unis).

    Hopefully the OU flexibility isn't affected. I personnally enjoy studying a bit here, and a bit there and I hope this isn't going to curtail this.

    Not sure if I'll be able to afford future study mind...

    ELCs will only cover £6,000 of the cost (if you have served 7 yeasr) so still 9k to find.
  2. Government fee loans only available for courses worth 30 points or more - 10 point tasters won't quality for loans (wouldn't be surprised if they were abandoned altogether).

    Tip for you though - start a course of study before 2012 and you'll get the subsequent six years' worth at current prices.
  3. It's the same for the Psychology courses as well. This bit explains how this will affect people who're already studying :

    Fees for current students | Fees 2012 | Study Explained | Open University
  4. Hope the 10pters do't go. I study them in my 'off season' between 30 and 60 pointers. I generally pick subjects that have nthing to do with my degree, i find it broadening :D
  5. You're the government's worst nightmare. The very idea that people will study to broaden themselves is incompatible with neo-liberal ideology.
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  6. Unfortunately that is not the case with the post-graduate courses: on the MBA course fees have already soared beyond the prices students were quoted at initial registration, and the OU is "unable" to quote a final price for all the modules needed to complete the programme. Essentially students are expected to provide a blank cheque - consequently quite a few self-sponsored are jacking it in.
  7. Yes it only applies to undergrad study. Postgrads have always been substantially self-funding.

    Have a look at the University of London External Program too.
  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    C-B, are you enrolled for DSE141 this year ?

    There's a dit about it in this month's OU mag - wondered if you had anything to do with so far. A mate is considering it.

    Did you already do Y163 (Starting with Psychology) - and if so what did you think ? Waste of time/money or worthwhile introduction ?

    Need to resurrect my OU track and not sure what to take this year.


  9. Yep am currently battling my way through DS141 at the moment, due to finish in October. I did start Y163 and found it very interesting but due to other things I never submitted my final assessment.
  10. Frog, have you claimed for the course yet? I Started a history degree at the beginning of the year and fecked up a bit by not doing the paperwork beforehand (didn't think I was entitled). Spoken to my AEC and they seem happy to let me use ELC but are telling me to claim for it in an arse about face way. They reckon I should put a claim in after every two modules to fully exploit the three claims of £2000 and when I informed them of what I wanted to do, everyone in the office looked at me blankly as if I was the first person ever to use ELC for an OU degree.
    I would have though there was a set in stone way of doing an OU degree using the credits that exploits the allowance and doesn't require me resubmitting claims every two modules. How did you go about claiming?
  11. Would have thought they'd love it. Study lots of little bits in so little detail that there's no understanding but it's bloody easy to pass. I think it's called "modular A-Levels" :roll:
  12. Sorry Crafty, I am waiting out myself. I have planns for the ELCs else where.
  13. Crafty, don't use your ELC for an OU degree, it is a total waste.

    If you have already started you should have 'grandad rights' and can continue your degree at the current price structure; i.e you should not have to pay the £5000 per 120 points.

    Instead, put your courses on an OUSBA account and use your SLC each year. Remember you are only paying for the months you are studying.

    I completed a BA(Hons) History a couple of years ago. Save your ELCs for the future, you may need them.