The OP TOSCA experience

Just got my mobilisation papers through for another glorious year of regular service starting August. Although known as the Sun bathing tour or OP TESCO I'm keen to get a heads up.

I'm Mobilising with 58 others from my Battalion for MFR duties in cyprus. Just wanted to know what others thought of it and what to expect with a reservist chain of command. By that I mean was it **** when it didn't have to be or was it a **** around?

Looking forward to the pre deployment Riot training if I'm honest. Other than that I can see it for what it is, a Buskshee tour with its fair share of bordem, stagging on and Xbox/Alcahol on down time.
You have it in one. MFR are there as a QRF type thing. But you will spend most of your time lifeguarding, making sure papers get delivered, stagging on or doing demos of your riot capabilities with kit that you didnt train with back in the UK!!
Each Tour though is up to how its run by parent unit. But its Cyprus which is better than wet dreary Summer in the UK.......dooohhh!!!!!
To the OP you sound like you have written it off all ready? Why bother if your complaining before you've started?

I've done it twice, first time with the MFR. Once you understand that you are there as a GD party for UNFICYP the better your life will be. During PDT you will do PO trg to death, once there you will mostly be putting up tents for the various UN events that take place. Yes it's boring at times, but your getting paid to live on the holiday island of Cyprus for 6 months. Make the most of it especially on a summer tour.

And another thing, your not a regular, your mobilised TA (or whatever we are called now).

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So the MFR will be 100% TA? Sounds unusual. Normally the aspiration is 10% of the UK contribution to be TA (spread across Sector 2 and MFR).

Apart from the tragedy that was 3 R Anglian.
They've done 100% TA before.

The last time they did it the sheer volume of whining and bleating on here nearly crashed the ******* servers.
Well it won't all be sun....I did the winter tour the one before last and trust me you'll need your goretex and softie ;-)

I haven't written it off, the only thing I will have to compare it with is my tour of HERRICK. Tosca and Herrick are two very very different beasts. Its a holiday island and low intensity deployment and this is with A TA chain of command, for most this is their first mobilisation. Regulars and reservists do things very different in comparison . TA drill nights can be pointless, TA weekends are a **** about at the best of times, I'm thinking a TA tour will be along the same lines. However in saying that I'm looking forward to it in my own way. I wouldn't of volunteered for it if I thought I was going to hate the whole thing. Soldiers love a good moan, arrse is a website full of it.

In theory its regular service. All the benefits of a regular soldier without being one of course.
Yes it's very different from HERRICK, for one thing more TA will volunteer for TOSCA for a start. And before anyone has a go, it's a fact. There are a number of blokes who will go anywhere and keeping mobbing for the craic, the money or the simple belief that if your in you should deploy. But we all know that there are many more that don't!

Any vacancies by the way? In BSN waiting for my EOT flt.

Spaz, another sharp reply, made me chuckle.

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I fancy a 6 month stretch in Cyprus.

A fat ugly nurse (standard) i know did 12 months back to back tours, or was that flat on her back tours? I get so confused these days....

What grips my shit is when they come back you'd think they'd been to ******* 'Nam.
If you've done a proper tour then Op Tosca why not? :) We have a few that like to wear their Op Tosca your tshirts with pride and have never done a real tour! That grips my shit!
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