The only time Facebook has EVER been funny...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by skintboymike, Apr 12, 2008.

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    I've been pissing myself for the last half an hour reading some quotes on the photos, thought I'd do the honourable thing and share it.

    PS. for all those who cannot abide txt spkng chav f*cks, don't bother clicking the link. this place will truly infuriate you.
  2. Wow, we can write 'pissing'? Live and learn.....
  3. Don't bother clicking if, like me, you're not a member of Faceache; if yer name's not daan, yer not gettin in! :roll:
  4. And i thought some hand bags were thrown around in this site, checks these special people out in the ""F#£k all this bulls#!t, Shannon deserved to die."" forum.
  5. Ha, its Brettarider :lol:

  6. Jesus wept.
  7. He did indeed and died for us; but if he could see these idiots he would regret that decision - No salvation.
  8. Trick Boom fcuking class mate :lol:
  9. Apart from the Brettarider picture - its not that funny.
  10. With every four gallons?
  11. What a fantastic thread.