The only thing I like about septics.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MOANING_BARSTEWARD, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. I watched "Cops" on sky one, a "documentary" about our UK police force. A few things struck me:

    1. In America, the idea of making a programme which identifies a police officer as being helpess, would not happen.

    2. In America, if a police officer tells you to stop and you run, he/she can shoot you.

    3. Most footage shown on our Cop type shows results in the offender being cautioned and released, which makes for frustrating viewing.

    I'm not looking to fire up the outrage bus, but I honestly believe that giving all police officers pistols (possibly even BB firing / paintball) would do more good than harm for the image of our currently underpowered crime fighters.

    On a seperate note I travelled to work this morning behind a van that was in the centre of the road this morning. We approached a School zone where he began mounting kerbs and swerving about. My attempts to flash this driver and beckon him to pull over failed. On arriving at work I rang the local plod to make them aware (in case the car was stolen or the driver was medically in need of attention). I was informed that unless I had witnesses there nothing that the police could do.

    How can the police change to present an image of power, as opposed to an image of weakness / politically correct restraint?

  2. It's not pistols they need but a criminal justice system that convicts people and gives them a deterrent punishment. American police can act with such swagger because they know that the criminals will be prosecuted and that there is plenty of room in prison. British police are timorous and weak, in large part because they know that courts are weak and punishments derisory for the most part.

    I dare say they'd buck their ideas up a bit if the criminals were actually scared of them.
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  3. Pies! I like pies policemen like pies?
  4. WTF? How about rubber truncheons and chocolate handcuffs as well!
  5. I do have a perchant for their M4A1.
  6. Is that in the paintball, airsoft or BB variation?
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  7. Porn, I have to admit the yanks do some good porn
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  8. What's the one that doesn't leave a mark?
  9. Those paintballs are greasy inside, I wonder if that's Halal/Kosher, perhaps, in keeping with the recent traditions of the police force and in the interests of pointlessness, we need to develop a puckle paintball gun, with cube shaped paintballs full of rancid bacon fat.
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  10. I love the place, it is hilarious. Last time I was in California I was in proximity to a couple of street murders and the busted Bear state was laying off the "swaggering" cops in the same rather gentile area. Their overstuffed klinks are full of mostly harmless, overwhelmingly dusky drug offenders and were costing the tax payer more than their once world class but now failing school system.

    That magnificently expensive US justice system currently holds about 3% of the working population, it's soared 240% since the 80s, 60% of that population is classified as non-violent. The incarceration rate doesn't even track violent crime, that peaked in 92 with the crack epidemic and the growth of the cash free economy. It's happened against the advice of area experts largely as a result of lazy, populist, fear driven politics and the vigorous lobbying of the prison unions/owners now eagerly figuring out ways to maximize profits off banged up wetbacks in several red states. There no evidence all that longterm incarceration has much effect on crime but it depresses their high unemployment rate that in real terms is now about twice that of the UK and handily stops a lot of pissed off poor folks voting. The US still has a murder rate about five times the UKs, so hey what's not to like?

    Mexico is even more fun.

    In contrast England is a bit of a boring bog hole enlivened only by outbursts recreational looting and drunken slappers pissing on the sidewalk.
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  11. all i really took from that is that i think i might be developing piss fetish
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  12. Rubber truncheons is good but wouldn't chocolate handcuffs melt?
  13. You might like glamorous San Francisco's Tenderloin, short of Salford on a Friday night I've never seen as many hefty lasses casually making water al fresco.
  14. fat birds dont do it for me, i might have a few kinks but i've still got standards*!

    *ugly/burned/missing limb etc is fine but i'm not a fan of the beefers
  15. Considering there are 3 times as many more young blacks in prison in the States than there are black college students (and almost the same goes for Hispanics with 2.7 to 1) then no wonder the prison service costs more than their education system.
    It's a while since I visited the States but on my last visit to Washington there were 13 murders that weekend all within a square mile of the Capitol. Plus the last time I went to New Orleans (pre-Hurricane Katrina) whilst the French Quarter and surrounds were well policed, there were 8 murders on the fringes of it.
    Los Angeles police were crowing about the fact that there were only 314 murders there last year compared with 1,200 in 1992.
    However, the UK has nothing to crow about as the number of murders in 2009 was 614 which is almost exactly double that of 1962. Now, the fact we still had hanging in 1962 may, or may not, have anything to do with it but I feel that the average "life" sentence of 13.7 years may have.