The only thing British about the army will be the troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jul 31, 2005.

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  1. We get a hard copy of the Telgraph out here by electronic mail.
    Today there is an artical that says words to the effect of
    "Soon the only thing British about the army will be the troops"
    It then gives a list of joint projects From A400 Airbus to Ivenco troop carring vehicals where anything US is being cut out and Equipemt of Eurocentric origin will be purchased.
  2. Excuse me.........if you look around the Army, you'll see that we'll soon be as 'foreign' as the gear they intend for us to use.

    British Troops.......yeah, in the 80's maybe.
  3. Very true. British troops are becoming the minority.
  4. What?

    In 2004, of a total strength of 112750 in the British Army 7200 are from ethnic minorities, and the vast majority of them are British. Even if you think people who are black or asian shouldn't be viewed as British, you're a bit out on that one. Source for the figures is here

  5. Ethnic minorities may still be british, but what about all the SouthAfricans, Aussies etc? It seems half of any unit these days are "old colonials". I think the figure for non British may be far higher than the 7200.

    Please note, that I have nothing against those who wish to serve within our Army and I am only pointing out that race is not nationality.
  6. Ok, I think you may have missinterpreted my post. Or I may have been a little ambiguous. Sorry for any confusion. . . . .Ill leave the subject there.
  7. You're right, but those ethnic minority figures are the best indicator that's available since they include all non-white Commonwealth and ROI citizens. Even allowing for the handful of white South Africans, Australians, New Zealanders and so on serving in the Army, the proportion of the whole that aren't British is very small. I think suggesting "British Troops are becoming the minority" is ludicrous, and it is that statement I'm challenging - and producing the most relevant figures I can find. If someone would like to produce credible figures that show approaching 50% of the British Army is not British - and that is what Gado's statement means - I'll happily (and publicly) eat my hat :D
  8. Sorry, Gado - posts crossed. Please feel free to put me right if I've misunderstood you.

  9. Whereas your figures are obviously correct, have you had a walk round PRB lately? One could be forgiven for believing that one had just stepped onto the film set of 'Zulu'.
  10. As long as the kit works does it matter where it is built?

    Land Rover, for example, seems to be no longer interested in equipping the forces, it never even put a tender in for the replacement for the 101, which went to Pinz Gauer/Bucher Duro in the end.

    If the kit works and fulfils all the requirements that the army sets then it is bought.
  11. They're not my figures and I've no idea whether they are correct, but equally no reason to think that the ONS is lying - do you think they are? Do you have any credible evidence you can produce in support of that claim, to add weight to your argument?

    Given that only a small number of the Army are at PRB, that doesn't seem to me to be a very good indicator of the make-up of the whole of the British Army.
  12. Is PRB full of the Welsh then?
  13. at the last count 35% of new recruits were F&C. However 75% of the new draft to units from depots is F&C.
  14. The most recent published figures from MOD, for 2003/2004, state that 10.4% of the whole army intake in that year were categorised as F&C or EM (Appendix 1 to my earlier link). Have we really more than tripled that proportion in 12 months? Where are the figures from, Empire, and do you have a link (Internet or Intranet)? Are they Army-wide, just inf, or just one depot?

    However unlikely it seems, I remain willing to accept that nearly 50% of the British Army is non-British if I am shown credible evidence (and to eat my hat - see earlier post) - but I haven't seen it yet.
  15. It was never intended to was merely an observation. Have you been there recently was the question.

    A simple yes or no would have sufficed.