The only rifle for the job

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by waffen, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. SLR and a bren gun. Not a place to burgle.
  2. 98 acre estate? Think he has a problem with size and perspective. Here kitty kitty.
    Mind you that is a lovely dealer of death he's holding. Always liked Terriers.
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  3. I recently read an article about Britain's "big cats." It contained numerous photos and every one of them was out of focus, just like the stills and video of Bigfoot.

    And what's with the empty cartridge belt?
  4. He's a bad shot.
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  5. Using the solar light as a scale, that cat just looks like a large feral cat.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Well he's the right age with the correct military bearing for the rifle he's got I suppose. He also looks half pissed, ironically.
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  7. It's just how I imagined TROPPER looked.
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  8. Is that not the right honourable Ken Clarke?

  9. He'll probably ND and slot the Jack Russell. He also seems to be suffering from the traditional "puttee rash" common among senior officers who have never worked out how to use trouser twists.
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  10. DPM and brown Chelsea boots? Obviously ex-scaley... or a crab. I hope his cat scarer is a de-ac, otherwise Los Federales will be pitching up mob handed at 5am. Of course, it might be a 'war souvenir' - along with the 5000 rounds of ball in his shed... probably.
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  11. An updated version of "that rifle" and a filly to complete the image

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