The only man Peroxide Pat turned down?


I've been bored this evening & have been rummaging round Wonk_Mog's old posts to see when exactly he turned from a funny poster into a dull cunt.

It seems to involve someone called Peroxide Pat - an upstanding lady from Bordon. The details are a bit sketchy. Can anyone fill in the info for me? I tried using the search function but my eyes started to bleed after reading his later threads.

Might be a bit after my time, but didn't she shag anyone for peanuts... with the sole exception of Wonk_Mog, whom she allegedly turned down with the exclamation that she'd rather suck off a second-hand shitty toilet brush than spend 20 more seconds in his company, and ever since he has stalked her offspring.
So Wonk_Mog couldn't get enough cash together to pay some old slag to touch his veiny python and is now frustrated because of that?
Cash? She did it for free, mate. There are standards, low-standards, and desperate. Then there is Wonk_mog.
Ah, so rather like the 'Horse' in Chatham, in the 80's and very early 90's...
I'm still not getting it. So wonk_mog couldn't get a shag from someone whose only requirement was "Must have a pulse"?
Well, that and an egg....
Surely Wonk_mog doesn't think he has some paternal claim? Why.. why... well that would be incestuous stalking, wouldn't it?
Whilst standing at the bar, if you were buying a round at the time. Nice girl, bet she had her own parking spot at the local VD clinic?
Wait, so Wonk_Mog is actually engaged on an epic quest to find his long-lost offspring? This is awesome. If anyone on ARRSE can provide details so we can reunite these people, please help.
I heard a rumour that BBR was somehow involved. Was he spurned too? Oh my god, is that why he doesn't come on here any more? He hasn't posted for ages.
A reunion? Where? Maybe Hector Chavez could host it at his pad, and we could have a barbie, and eggs. And maybe invite AMMM as well, I'm sure she and Wonk would have lots to talk about.

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