The only man Peroxide Pat turned down?


I've been bored this evening & have been rummaging round Wonk_Mog's old posts to see when exactly he turned from a funny poster into a dull cunt.

It seems to involve someone called Peroxide Pat - an upstanding lady from Bordon. The details are a bit sketchy. Can anyone fill in the info for me? I tried using the search function but my eyes started to bleed after reading his later threads.

Might be a bit after my time, but didn't she shag anyone for peanuts... with the sole exception of Wonk_Mog, whom she allegedly turned down with the exclamation that she'd rather suck off a second-hand shitty toilet brush than spend 20 more seconds in his company, and ever since he has stalked her offspring.
Wait, so Wonk_Mog is actually engaged on an epic quest to find his long-lost offspring? This is awesome. If anyone on ARRSE can provide details so we can reunite these people, please help.
I heard a rumour that BBR was somehow involved. Was he spurned too? Oh my god, is that why he doesn't come on here any more? He hasn't posted for ages.
A reunion? Where? Maybe Hector Chavez could host it at his pad, and we could have a barbie, and eggs. And maybe invite AMMM as well, I'm sure she and Wonk would have lots to talk about.

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