The only fancy dress on issue - Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Victorian_Major, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. I'm having trouble convincing friends that it was at one time fashionable for entire Regts to dress up in the one and only piece of fancy dress on issue - the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle ensemble. This was not unheard of in Bos, for example. 8)

    I have some very fond memories of such parties but very few photos - certainly none that show entire regiments in the famed garb. Can anyone assist with suitable photos?
  2. I remember that, put hood of gonk bag on head, pull the rest through legs and secure over head with the loop at the bottom of said gonk bag. Don't have any photos though, unfortunately.
  3. Had to be coupled with green issue thermals and flip flops. complete with massive urine stain down both legs of the trousers and dripping from the gonk bag.
  4. I do believe that Toga Order is a issued form of attire for the discerning squaddie.

    As is KKK night aka Ghosties.
  5. Smurf Rig:

    Blue body paint (non-issue)
    Issue PT shorts from trg, white
    Issue Pillow slip on head (shaped and filled to order)
    Wellies spray-painted white (paint issued from MT)
  6. Chinese Tree-sniper Rig(no explanation required)
    Rudolpf Nuyiev Rig(no explanation required)

    Streetfighter 2 Rig:
    4 x blokes in Seamens Kitbags with eyes and mouth-holes cut out, tied together with black marlow as the "ring"
    A collection of characters from the 90's video arcade game then "fight" inside said "ring".

    Viking Rig:
    Pussers counterpane worn as kilt with Corps Pattern Belt
    Issue boous with gaitors (old green ones are best)
    Arctic toe covers as sporran
    Lock-knife/commando dagger tucked in gaitor as sgian dubhs (or whatever it's called)
    Broadsword made from MFO box
    Mullet-wig made from wool

    Resusci-Annie Rig:
    Take plastic hair and polyester track-suit top from all Resusci-Annie dolls in sickbay and wear ashore with hot-pants.

    Gay Biker Rig:
    RM only issue.
  7. blue wooly suit (for caving and diving) and blue (issue from the BCDT kit) face paint = Cot death baby.

    Or KRH issue coveees. Singed, torn and ragged. Burnt cork to the face, and injury make up if required. Sign on back of covees "Kosovo railways".

    May only work shortly after Kosovo train had been brassed up. Circa 1998/9
  8. "Robyn Hoode and his Merrie Menne":

    Improvised Cap
    Piece-o'-stick-with-paracord "bow"
    Issue Norgy
    Issue Thermal Leggings
    1x Pair Socks in Crotch
  9. Mint. I'll have to try that one out, if I can find 3 more loonies!!!
  10. Possible Urban Legend: a squad of recruits practicing their pass-out parade with thier Jewish Drill Instructor...turned up in Nazi regalia!

    Luck for them, he saw the funny side!
  11. Can't move for Nazi regalia in training establishments, it practically falls out of every locker :p

    Probably UM, mate.
  12. Here is a suitable pic as demonstrated by matelots during Op Palatine!

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  13. Naked Nomex Avenger:

    Paper Forensic suit (naked underneath), Nomex hood and gloves.

    Only downside is there is no mouth piece in a nomex hood so have to pour beer through the eyehole.
  14. inflated blow up doll strapped to back with normal dress
    On arrival at party

    "What you fcuking dressed as?"

    "Teenage mutant ninja turtle"

    "Well what the fcuks that doing on your back?"

    "That's me shell"

    I'm sure I'm not the only one.