The ongoing Abu Hamza saga

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tabs, Aug 20, 2004.

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  2. Who says you never get good news on a friday :twisted:
  3. Not been given"proper Halal "food. Should have tried the new compo on them not the rock apes.
  4. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    From the Sun previously quoted:

    "He (The Governor) ordered pork to be removed from the menus of all prisoners, including non-Muslims".

    So it seems that our British hoodlums are to be denied pork because of this man. What is the country coming to when we can't look after our home grown crims? Can the local crims take the Gov to the Race Relations Board?
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  5. And yet again an over-reaction to the situation.

    They'll ban bacon butties next 8O
  6. i can see hamza "walking " into too many doors for that one :lol:
  7. Why is it confusing?

    It's actually fairly straightforward. Abu Hamza is extradited to the States, where they have the Death penalty. All things being equal,and because the Americans don't have any scalps worth a damn so far in T.W.A.T, he's bigged up (Election year) and finally strapped up to the old Electric Chesterfield and that's the end of that.

    But we won't extradite to countries that have the Death penalty, and we can't trust the word of George W (Governor Death Penalty) Bush , that Hamza won't suffer a terminal mischief once he falls in the hands of the Cousins.

    Except it's coming up for Election year here too. Either this year or early next year. Bl'allah (Heh!) doesn't want a Muslim backlash, when they should be out there working hard falsifying Postal Ballots, telling their families to vote Labour and returning 27 votes from the same house etc etc.

    In other words, Bl'allah needs that Muslim vote, and if he can stop Hamza falling into the hands of the Rumsfeld and co (Abu Graib? never heard of it Mister) then he'll recover some .

    Watch out watch out for certain Guantanamo internees to be reunited with their families imminently.

    In my opinion that is.
  8. PTP, I doubt very much that you're wrong, that is certainly a most likely scenario.
  9. Great minds LWM, great minds :lol:

    And the fact that Islamic rumour control hereabouts is saying Beg's (sic) release could be imminent. It's only a rumour, but the Muslim Labour activists are alleged to be getting the word out
  10. This lot are terrified of not offending, just merely irritating the vocal minority in this country. They have lost sight of why they were put into Power.

    So, lets fry the twat now, vote this lot out and set about kicking some arses in the middle east once and for all.

    I liked the Littlejohn article in the Sun a few days ago. "Coalition forces attack holy shrine... holy city etc etc etc". Everwhere and everything is 'holy'. Do you hear Ely or Canterbury or Winchester or York being described as holy? Well, they are. They are our Christian holy sites. Maybe we Christians should start getting a bit prissy about 'unbelievers' amongst our 'holy' places?
  11. i hope hooky has trouble wiping his arrse without a hook :lol:
    i hope his social worker goes on strike for unacceptable level of shite he has to deal with :D
  12. Maybe I'm out of line here, but one of the things we fight for (?) is free speach and a fair trial. He's a loony, but deporting seems like a way of avoiding the problem - put him on trial here for feks sake. If he's done something wrong (and the way the article says "He may have been involved in... ...where three British people died" - a nice trial by media) then get him for it. Giving him to the Americans cos we're not willing to do the job is just pants. And it's going to pees off the ordinary muslim folks - who run my corner shop and sell me bread and milk and beer at times no Brit would.