The one thing you’d really hate to lose?

Over the years we have all owned many many things, but what would be the one thing you’d seriously hate to lose?

I have a small christening bracelet that belonged to my twin sister, we both contracted meningitis when we were aged 8 years of age and while I survived she passed away, it is the only thing I have, apart from a few blurred photos, to remind me of her, I’m not being mawkish, it was just something I was discussing with a few friends earlier today and they all came up with something that they’d hate to lose
My uncle's Longines. When he died issueless, there was a considerable amount of grief over who should get it. Sadly, the most vocal claimants were female cousins who wanted it for their squeezes du jour.

I came back on leave into the middle of the stramash, completely unaware and unprepared for the amount of grief I'd get for daring to be male when a man's watch was up for grabs and had to do a lot of high port off-******* of the various harridans.

Matters were resolved when the will was read and it turned out he'd named me as his desired recipient. The looks on the thwarted ones' faces is still a treasured memory to this day.

I must get it out of the pawn shop one day.
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Grandad's medals from World War One. He was at Gallipolli, the Somme and finally Passchendaele with the 2nd Hampshires, and they're so very precious to me.
If it has to be material stuff rather than things like sanity, sight, mobility etc for me it would be my dogs and my granny's clock.

Things like self-respect and purity of thought went out of the window a long time ago - funnily enough around the time I became a member here.
My marbles.


Obviously any loved ones - tops the list.
I'd hate to lose my mind to dementia, my sight, or my hearing, or my life - So in general keep in good health.

As for something material, My house would top the list. It took years of doing hard shitty jobs, and taking orders from spankers to pay my mortgage off. But I finished paying that off several years ago, and now I live rent free without a care in the world - working is just for pocket money now :).
Probably family documents going right back to birth certificates bearing young Queen Victoria's franked stamps etc. For some reason, my Dad both inherited and added to a massive cornucopia of bizzare things eg his purchase docs for a new 1965 Beetle. It's all there. I'm in the process of scanning and uploading it all as an insurance against fire or theft. The same ( ex ammo box I think) contains a letter from my Grandmother ( despicable old bastard) detailing her rescue from the Lusitania...and a rose glass from the Captain's table allegedly.
Now, one thing I'm going to do mischief with soon? I've not seen my wanna-be Penelope Keith sister in 25 years. She is an arse..basically, and as thick as mince.

Now.....on her Facebook is the "fact" she was educated at a certain posh girls finishing school.
However....ahem...I discovered an 11 Plus result letter dated in June 1956 from the Rector informing my parents she was not "the right stuff" and they would be required to remove her to enter mainstream education. Now, I was 4 at the had no idea. It'll be such a pity to scan & post this letter up into her FaceAche..with "Hi about this then?" Love *******. That'll give her neighbours in Sandbanks summat to giggle about. Mind you...she's 72 now...might drop on the spot.
Mmmm...I'll think about it.

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