The One Place to Visit in Normandy

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ArchieCat, Jun 9, 2013.

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  1. Just finished watching the first part of Dan Snow's programme on D-day. I was wondering what would be the one place you would choose to visit there (aside from family/regimental associations)? Pointe du Hoc? The cemetery at Colville? The remains of the Mulberry at Arromanches? For me it would be Pegasus Bridge. When you see how close the glider pilots landed to the bridge it just seems such a feat of skill and training. What sticks out in your mind?

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  2. I agree about Pegasus Bridge and Arromanches - so many placesworth visiting there
  3. Same here, they've got a cafe too.
    (not being facetious)
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  4. I'd actually prefer to see the sites of the later breakout battles - particularly Goodwood and Epsom.
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  5. If in Normandy, and accepting not the D-Day connection. The Tapestry is awesome.
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  7. For a quiet and reflective moment and to appreciate the manoeuvre warfare versus Ypres static warfare visit Jerusalem Cemetary

    Biggest is not always best

    CWGC - Cemetery Details
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  8. I found Omaha beach quite thought provoking with the tide out and the imposing cliffs, it really hit home just how horrific it must have been for the invasion forces. Thats a long way to move with all the wet gear on and the incoming fire and mines etc.

    We only had 2 days and I made sure we visited some of the Cemeteries, to impress on my oldest that there was another side to the movies. Many brave young men, not much older than him, gave their lives for which we should be forever grateful.
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  9. Bayeux CWGC cemetery is always a must for me, and the Memorial to the Missing which is opposite. Ranville CWGC is another.

    My very first visit to France way back in 1971 was when my Dad drove us down from Scotland as he said there were 2 things to see in France, Pegasus Bridge and Napoleon's Tomb. And we did. The Café Gondrée is worth seeing for all the memorabilia, and Arlette if she is around. The Museum is also on the list. I'm back there on Sunday, running the Pegasus Half Marathon, starting on the Bridge and finishing at the Caen Memorial. Could be emotional.
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  10. My Boss when I was at the MOD, was at Omaha with the Yanks. Wouldn't say much except the usual, left behind on the landing craft, egg sarnies were nice etc. But when we went on a group jolly to Normandy one year, he cried his eyes out at the many tombstones in the nearby war cemeteries.
    Changing the location a bit, my 'favorite' is the Paras at Arnhem, with the twins at the gate as you go in. Blub like a baby meself when i saw that. Also have a fondness for Tyne Cot from the first big bash.
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