Do you in the Reg RLC get any benifit from the One Day Scheme? What do you get for your On days pay?

We in the TA have been asked to contribute also, I think it is a good idea but we need to sell this to Soldiers who don't!!
What do you get from the ODPS? You mean apart from The Waggoner - oops I mean the Corps Rag? And the joy of subsidising the Silver Stars? etc etc On a serious note what you can get if you are a member is Corps funds towards Adventure Training expeds and the like (they have contributed to a few of my diving holidays - well that's what Mrs OG calls them!) :wink:
I cant see a problem with the TA DPS as it appears to only be one tenth of a days pay, working out to be £3.00 for the average junior soldier. They will spend more on trouser twists in a year. And who wouldnt miss an oppurtinity to subsidise the Silver Stars the bulk of whom arent from the RLC?
Most dont have an issue and yes the amount is laughable, however I was interested to see what the soldiers can get out of it!!
In order of priority the ODPS covers the following areas:

Benevolence - This is the largest grant made by the scheme each year.

Covers all serving and former Officers and Soldiers of the RLC, their wives/husbands and children under 18

Plus two schemes which only cover ODPS subscribers for off-duty injury or who are medically discharged.

The Sustainer and Corps Review

The scheme also makes grants to the following areas:


Adventure Training.

Corps Bands (Both Regular & TA)

RLC Museum. Helps to maintain the heritage of the RLC and Forming Corps.

Esprit de Corps. Supports Corps events, maintenance of Corps property and helps with the procurement of new silver and paintings.
I organised a trip a few years back and got £100 from the Corps. If you don't ask....................

Also for a couple of guys who have been paralised by RTA in Boz, a guy paralised while on RnR in Cyprus (Army doesn't pay then coz your off duty) etc the Corps has helped them fund new powered wheel chairs, accommodation changes etc.

Its not much but it goes a long way.

ODPS and the extra bit - non covenanted costs about £140 a year for me. Glad to give it as 'You never know'

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