The one army TA review 2006-07

Well we've had a first year of MATTS, our training programme was dominated by PT/MATTS.

Camp was luckily within trade but I had to do a Cpls job as JNCO's seem to have vanished off the face of the earth. Camp also proved core trade skills were wrong (still in the 80's) but thats another storey.

Was worried about my PFT but a quick fag beforehand sorted that.

End of training year was a little better but I'd dropped down to acting Siggie on weekends but its more fun than working in trade (woopee I got cammed up for a change). Intend to get back to my rank by going on MATTS instructor courses.

Looking forward to getting BOWMAN, we've done loads of prep....... que bush blowing past a deserted town.... We will be able to defend it to the best of our ability though, a new directive has come through saying we must improve our infantry skills and so we are doing that on weekends and camp.
Looks good but they seem to have missed off the GD training (our job when mobilised), they might even try to employ in my trade because of it - look H&S says I can't wash the pots!!!!!
...and your point is?

You seem to have posted on ARRSE instead of MSN messenger.
.............or jackanory :D

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