The one and only

more reality TV shoite, this time from the beeb who should know better....

i blame this quality of TV for decline in society and fat teenagers...

in our day we had gladiators, krypton factor and the yoof watch this cr@p all with the hope of becoming a D list celebrity...

...rant over
You have gone down in my estimation sitting and watching that crAp Goon, I thought highly of you before but bloody Krypton factor :roll: .

Regarding the crap that is on the programme, what did you expect when Graham (dont bend over in the shower)Norton is involved. Keep watching though Ive heard when a tribute group are booted they have to face the firing squad outside.
Its no wonder the beeb have got no money, wasting it on utter crapp like this...oh well, when the Junta seizes power we can have Zulu and James Bond 24/7