The Olympics - who else has enough of them already?

I've had enough. Quite simply, I want it all to stop. I want the country to wake up, come to its senses and start to get a grip on reality. The whole thing is a feckin' circus and flies in the face of the 'Olympic' spirit of amateurism and sportsmanship. This is the oath:

"In the name of all competitors, I promise that we shall take part in these

Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules that govern them, in the

true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams."

Yeah. Right.

BBC News - London 2012: 10 reasons some people will dread the Olympics

Surely, I can't be the only one here dreads the summer because of it?


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You're not. I'll be locking myself in at home, turning off the television and radio and drinking myself into a peaceful, non sporting, stupor for however long the bloody things last.


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No, I am really looking forward to the London Olympics when we will constantly be told how great London is and how well they have done in putting on these games - while the remainder of the copuntry pay for it!

I am really looking forward to listening to Lord Coe every day smirking and being totally smug with a face that is just asking to be punched by the Gold Medal winner in the Heavyweight boxing.

I am looking forward to hearing the BBC presenters (all 100,000 of them) wittering on endlessly about the Games and how great they are and aren't BBC just wonderful.

Yep, really looking forward to those 6 weeks.
cant take leave during august for some reason **** knows why.
going to be more army on the street than on the balcony on operation nimrod at this rate!
Sick to death of it already, it's all a fuckin con. I think it's great that the tax payer and the lottery fund can finance some twat who can fall off a diving board to " train" in Australia and make videos to put on u-shite. What are these ********* going to do when they've lost? celebrity big brother awaits me thinks. The cockney games, like anyone in Durham cares.


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Sick of it already, all the more so because I live in one of the 'lucky' villages that the torch in its convoy of 50 vehicles will drive through. We have to provide loos for spectators, marshalls, standing places (part of our road has no footpaths, ffs!), and make sure no-one runs out in front of one of the waggons. All at our own expense, of course!

Four hours of traffic hell between Shaftesbury and Dorchester, then it stops for lunch, and there's a further four hours as it bimbles round to Weymouth!

Oh, and don't mention the poncey tracksuits that the torch carriers are having to wear. Or the fact that each one carries it for 300 metres, 'kisses' it to the next person, who then puts it back on the lorry to continue its journey!!!!

Killjoys - what else would you be doing over summer ?

What about the opportunity to serve your betters at Olympic events? Get to see some high society folks quaff back champagne whilst the country slides into economic depression. Consider yourselves fortunate to be within 100 yards of Lord Coe, Lord Prescott, Lord Mandelson, King Dave and Queen Samatha ...... well you'd better enjoy it, you are paying for it.

Think of the pride you will feel sitting in a traffic jam with an overheated car full of children on full volume, whilst our leaders zoom past in BMW limos in the Zil lanes.

Relish the thought of some muscle bound ape with a brain the size of a tadpole receiving his gold medal for running in a straight line, whilst the national anthem plays, be proud when Dave gives him the MBE for being selfish, but looking great on TV.

Forget the added misery of commuting and try not to think about the months ahead when there will be no money for road repairs, natural disasters, kick starting the economy, because our political master class will have had a great summer.

How about the celebs you will get to meet as you escort them into the stadia, some real advantages to being a security guard ( try to forget you are being paid half of what the civies are getting).

Get used to it, OP OLYMPIC is Main Effort for the British Homeland Defence Force ..... that ummmm, urrrr, Afghanistan thingy is not really that important and hopefully no squaddies will be killed over the Games as it might just spoil the TV.

So for those stagging onto the new Main Effort - just pretend you're Baldrick for a few months and then you will understand why you are being treated in the way you will be.
****ing joke, why am i helping fund this. Get Seb ****ing coe and his corrupt cronies to foot the bill for the southern games..

Hope it gets ruined by strikes and riots.
Never gave a **** (even when it was held back in the U.S.). Never will. Hopefully, I haven't funded too much of it, since I've only been paying into the coffers here since about a year now.

Hopefully, I will at least get a chance to meet some hot girls from around the world while drinking since I am not too far from where they are being held.
Its not like we couldn't compete had it been held in Paris, why do we NEED to be the hosts and all the shite that goes with it?

Look at it this way.
Which parties do you enjoy going to most, yours or some other losers?

Answer- other peoples.
Where you can eat THEIR food, drink THEIR drink, throw up in THEIR pot plants, smash THEIR ornaments, piss in THEIR garden then go home at the end of the night and have a lie in in the morning without any worry about clearing up the mess.
Olympics? What Olympics?

Seriously, it will be a magnet for Romanian pickpockets, terrorists and anyone else who wants to moan about something: veggies/anti this that and the next fecking thing/the price of stuff etc.... and the price of Crack will go up in my area. Let's invade somewhere and have a laugh instead.
Time and time again we have highlighted the sheer cost of this farce and the fact they claim it is under budget despite being 7 billion over the budget allocated to begin with. I have little faith for the future of this country if the cnuts in charge think that 7 billion over budget actually means within budget.
Consider yourselves fortunate to be within 100 yards of Lord Coe, Lord Prescott, Lord Mandelson, King Dave and Queen Samatha ...... well you'd better enjoy it, you are paying for it.

I'd only enjoy it if I had 10 shots in case I missed any of the cnuts the first time
To be fair is anyone really surprised a fair amount of society are just a little tad fed up with the whole media circus?

Between Businesses struggling, commuters being dictated to obide by strict rules or face hell, an already crippling transport system which will add the average of 2 hours to people's journeys, 24hr media focus, ok you get the point.

I'll admit I can't wait for the whole silly season to be over, I'm more interested that we have a good summer weather wise so what actual time I do get off (leave restrictions applicable) will be spent out of the area.

However, I will be peeled at the women's volleyball ;-)
Gotta admit that when it was announced that they were going to be held here I was excited and immediately worked out how old my boy would be (8) with the somewhat optimistic thought that it would be great to take him to watch a World sporting event live.

Deploy next weekend, miss all of it & as such don't give a shite anymore!
I hear they're making grumbling and moaning an Olympic sport. That's gold, silver and bronze for the Brits, then.
You will do when you come back as a prime candidate for the paralympic squad.
Made I laugh.

Errrrm I mean, Im outraged you cahnt! ;o)

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