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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Vasco, May 20, 2012.

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  1. . . . are the best ways. In my case, puttees. A nuisance to some, I know, but I always found them comfortable and effective. Certainly more comfortable than high boots.

    And last week, setting off for a week's walking, I couldn't find my whizzo zippy Goretex gaiters - but no matter, because my old puttees did the trick. I don't think I have come across a better way to seal trousers to boot tops. Best of all, when your trousers get wet, puttees don't allow them to wick water down into your boots the way even the best modern gaiters do.

    I suppose you have to have reasonably high boot tops and they wouldn't work with a lot of modern, low walking boots, but they worked very well with my Alt-Berg Peacekeepers once I had removed the rather large pieces of sponge padding from the tops of the tongues.
  2. Your Avatars cap badge is worn incorrectly.
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  3. And I'll bet you weren't bitten by a snake either! I was snake-bite free for about 16yrs thanks in no small way to my issued ankle-rags. Bring 'em back I say, along with cardboard DMS and the SLR! You could prebably fit MOLLE-Loops on them, how "Ally" would that be!
  4. Yeah them Ricketts were something eh!?
  5. british-gaiters.jpg
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  6. They are new, and have not been blancoed.

    The straps are plain wrong, they should be black.

    They could be for an officer, but in that case, they would be worn upside down (It's true I tell ya!)
  7. Here have a tin of kiwi and a spoon and scratch that paint off the buckles,here's yer brasso. ;-)
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  8. Plus you can use the puttees under your trousers and wind them higher up your leg as support stockings when your "veryclose" veins are giving you gip...
  9. Aye.... and yer desperately winding six yards o' Fox's Short Lights aroond yer ankles, the bugle's just blown the quarter hour dress and the Piper's started to play, yer heid's bustin' wi' San Mig' and vodka shots, you're going to make it you think, you're cutting it fine but you're going to make it, oh yesssss.... no flies on me as you pull on the OG shorts (starched tae perfection) on wi' the bunnet and the belt and off ye go - oozing confidence..... then you look down...."F*ck where's ma hosetops?"

    You MISS puttees???? Man you need to go and lie down!
  10. Talking of gaiters and a bit off-thread: I noticed on that parade for Betty today that the lads from the Andrew were all wearing white gaiters. Do they still wear DMS to them too? And why do they still have gaiters when everybody else has high boots?

  11. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Worn with ammunition boots - it's a Gunnery thing. No one knows why. But there's a store in Pompey with enough of them to bury every sailor in their own personal mountain so no one's going to spend any money changing it. Besides, it looks smart.

    On a serious note - it may be a hang over from the Naval Brigade during the Boer War - the sailors would have been issued boots and the gaiters would make them look more "military." In any event the gun bunnies all used to wear them. You'll notice the officers in knee length black.
  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    So just wearing boots that aren't crap wasn't an option then?
  13. Do instructor officers at Whale Island still wear them all the time? Is it even Whale Island for gunnery any more? I do remember one of them complaining that his 'liquorice legs' wore holes in his trousers. He agreed that dressing for the Boer War while instructing on guided missiles was a bit odd.
  14. Had to wear gaiters (or 'anklets' as some units called them) upside down when wearing boots CWW.
  15. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I'm not sure where they do gunnery anymore, but it hasn't been at Whale Island for a long time. The parade ground is now a car park. And the link between gunnery and marching up and down has gone. Now that the guns are all automated the people don't have to be.