The old style field dressings

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by msr, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Are these obsolete now we have the new grey covered one?

  2. I reckon that if were the person in need of said 1st field dressing then I'd not give a fcuk what colour it was! ;)
  3. For Ops, yes, though they can still be used as they havent been withdrawn.
    Best kept for training where the word from Ft Blockhouse is that the old ones are to be used for training purposes until stocks have been exhausted.

    All soldiers are 'entitled' to 2 FFD's and 1 CAT (tourniquet)
  4. They are good for tying your bird to the bed
  5. Or an imrovised mankini :)
  6. **** tampons smudge?? Eh EH
  7. Officially the brown ones are to be used for training purposes and the grey ones used for noduf cas handling, because of the built in partial tourniquet and the non stick padding. But as is already mentioned, if your arms hanging off, i'm sure a scabby blanket wrapped in a bin bag would suffice
  8. If we're only supposed to be using the old ones until they're 'exhausted' then I reckon my great-great grandkids will still be issued them given the dozens of boxes we've got in the stores.

    I've seen a new one.
    In the packet.
    From a distance.

    ISTR that we're supposed to return them upon leaving theatre, are we that hard up for them? Oh yeah, forgot who we work for....
  9. Put in a stores demand, You should get them within a fortnight. It all comes off a central medical budget, totally dependant of any MOD budget. So if you want it, and they've got it in stock, they'll give it to you. The NSN is 6510-99-332-2032 - Trauma Wound Dressing. They come in boxes of 100
  10. I put a demand in for just about everything on the BCD list.

    Lots of shiny new bits :wink:
  11. Think Plasters N band Aids Are issued now ...But Grab As many as u can carry. Nbc pouch comes in handy
  12. The old ones should be used for trg, though you can now order the new ones. Like everything else, what you should get and what you can get don't always add up...
  13. Out of curiosity, are British medics using the new HemCon/Chitoflex dressings. I understand from a (non-medic) friend recently back from Iraq that they are in use there and civilian paramedics I know indicate they are the dogs danglys to prevent hypovolemic shock in wounds such as stabbings, accidential trauma.

    From what i have been told they are pricey but work very well. They are made from something like ground up shrimp shells (I know, sounds odd to me too)
  14. We use the new ones for training, whats the point in teaching the old one when they will encounter the new one 'for real'?

    We have no problems getting the new FFDs its the CATs that are giving us the problem, we had but they went walkies!
  15. Yes and yes.