The Old Russian Vet and His Tank

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by msr, May 29, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    An old WW2 Russian tank army veteran has finally found his own tank on which he passed through all the war standing in small Russian town as a monument and got emotionally shocked that people worried his heart won’t be able to cope with this.

  2. And breathe!

    Edited to add: Ah, not your words.
  3. That was a lucky find for him: one unique tank out of 57,000 T-34s destroyed or spread around the world.

    I wonder how true/ old/ accurate the story is.... I didn't see it mentioned anywhere else in the Russian press recently. Has he been travelling around all of the FSU looking for his tank, or did someone make a database of memorial tanks and bring them together?
  4. Is it too naïve a question, should I already know the answer, as to why we don’t have such monuments?
  5. I think we weighed ours in.
  6. God bless the Russian tankies. JS-2 isn't it? Straight into Berlin.
  7. JS-II if you're being pedantic. Just needs the whitewashed stripe across the turret, then straight on down to the centre of Berlin.
  8. But why does he think we'd be interested in his tub of Eucryl?

  9. Eucryl? nonsense that's Patum Pepparium you blindworm, you!
  10. Much as I hate to piss on your bonfire, we do.

    There's a MkIII Centurion outside Eastbourne redoubt. I highly recommend a visit, as the museum has a huge collection, especially items from the Royal Sussex Regt.

    The tank sits outside the fort, and there is a very small picture + more information here:

    While I agree there should be more, don't be so bloody cynical! :p
  11. Don't forget the one in Thetford Forest...
  12. I rather liked this;

  13. There is also a Sherman in the car park at Slapton Sands...

  14. Good grief check your AFV recce skills, its a T-34/85. Christie type running gear a dead give away. The IS (aka JS) range were all evolved from the KV servies and had running gear with return rollers - oh aye and were a damn site bigger.


    Hats off to the old boy by the way, the 34's during the latter part of the war had a horribly high attrition rate in some very VERY fierce combat, the wagon is as lucky as its former occupant to still be here! :worship:
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I ran a thread on it recently! Tank is rotting away as is the ferret!