The Old Join the Army Advert - Starring Frank?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gundulph, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Someone just reminded me of that recruit advert that lured many a gullible chap into the Army with scenes of Frank ski-ing, Scuba Diving, Sky Diving etc... lieing fekin toe rag producers!

    Can't find a thread on ARRSE on it, do we have one? it's an old advert mind!
  2. I believe a 'Frank' thread existed at one point. If not, numerous threads have contained references to 'Frank' and his hot biatch of a girlfriend. Looking back I did actually Ski (Bavaria) scuba (Hawaii), sail (Cornwall), rock climb (Germay), nail hot biatches (Hawaii) on sandy beaches and drink a lot whilst serving.

    Who would have thought 'Frank' had it right the whole time? I wonder if times have changed since...
  3. Private eye had a parody of these ads with the word FRANK and an arrow pointing at a headstone in a CWGC cemetery
  4. The "Frank" advert was filmed in Cyprus one January 1991 I think. All the guys invovled were from 3 QUEENS who were the resident battalion in Episkopi at the time.
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I'm Frank
  6. No, I'm Frank!
  7. I'm Sparticus
  8. Didin't frank PVR and get a job telling kids not to do drugs?

    I remember the Ads from years ago that used to run before the national athem then telly went off.
  9. No, that was Eddie Grylls.
  10. I remember the little white dot and the test card. If you watched the test card long enough the little gitl poked the clown in the eye with her chalk - I saw that twice.
  11. Nah - if it was 3 QUEENS they would have had video footage of them hanging out of my arrse. This was just after they left Aldergrove.

    "Where's Frank?"

    "I dunno, can you see his boots - get someone in there to help him or he will suffocate".

    Yours aye,

    Sluggy xx
  12. I can remember a "join the army" ad being made in 79 when we were in Bhurtpore Tidworth (3 RTR).Never seen it though.They spent a week in our Sqn hanger faffing about.Fridays was always "sweeping day".We swept the hanger clean ready for the dinnertime rush for the southwest.The tw@ts let the dirty water from their canteen wagon down into our inspection pit.So we lowered the up ad over door to the hanger down a bit.Where upon they drove out and ripped the chimney of the top of their van.That learnt them.
  13. I bet you'd make a great first-aider. Your resuscitation skills are top-notch.

    (Quiet night up on United Downs?)
  14. I have that same picture on my wall. The caption reads:

    'Join the Army, if we don't get you killed we'll make you redundant'

    Spookily prescient methinks.
  15. You must have been a right fucking REMF! :-D