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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by chamooooone, Feb 28, 2010.

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  1. Just watching the Old Firm game and I noticed that the ref is sponsored by Specavers! Is this some sort of genius irony by the scottish FA? Especially since he just sent off that bloke who didn't do anymore wrong than the other bloke!

    I don't support either team, nor am I Scottish so I cant remember the 'players' names.

  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Refs in Scotland have been sponsored by Specsavers for several years now.

    This particular ref seems to have a bet on Rangers today going by some of his decisions.

    And Rangers have just scored in the last seconds.

    I don't support either of these weegie teams, neither of which want to play in Scotland. Splitters.

    Edit to add one further, 'interesting' stat and that is following Old Firm games, the instances of domestic violence in Glasgow soar and police and A&E are at just about their busiest.
  3. I've always said mixed marriages ever work.
  4. In a totally unrelated case, before I joined the army I worked as a labourer in and around the Glasgow area. Working on a new-build house at Dalziel park near Motherwell, driving into the estate one day the lad driving the van stopped to speak to a bloke who was banging on about the up and coming old firm game etc etc.

    Didn't interest me much, however I did realise a few weeks later that the bloke was Hugh Dallas. He loves old firm matches him. Especially the tips he used to get.
  5. Haha, that is 'interesting'. She should see he is in a bad mood and just shut the fcuk up! I wonder if the stats correlate to the winners or losers?

  6. Caught the end of it. I thought the standard of play was on a par with League One at best.

  7. Off course the followers of Jam Tarts & The Cabbages don't resemble Casual Soccer Firm or Capital City Service.
  8. poor game overall but for septic to not manage a corner in the whole 90mins is really poor
  9. I remember my first ever "old firm derby" I was 12, went to the game with my much older cousin, and met up with his mates in some (to me at the time being so young) rough Glasgow pub.

    Learnt the words to Flower of Jockland, followed by learning why each set of supporters hate each other, as enroute to the match, a proddy ger supporter gobbed it off to my cousin and the group we were with, about "having sex with the pope??"

    He got a leathering, and we continued into the game.

    People pissing and eating where they stood during the 90 odd minutes, all mit can of (forget the name of the lager, but it was the one with the semi clad bint on the can)

    Eventually the game ended, with the gers winning, lots of swearing lots of drinking, and when we got home, walking up the street with other locals who were supporters of both teams, telling each other what cnuts they were.

    From the eyes of a 12 year old, it confused the crap out of me, but was one of the best days out I had ever had.

    It was way back in the mists of time, so it could have changed by now, but I doubt it, apart from the pissing, which would be awkward given its all seater now.
  10. None of you guys (previous posters) have ever been to a big game. Ever.
  11. i did four tours of Kenya and seen loads of big game
  12. My god a serving MI5 officer :lol: you must be RICHARD HEAD
  13. [​IMG]

    A SICK Celtic fan taunts brave Falklands hero Simon Weston - by waving an ARGENTINA shirt during yesterday's Old Firm clash.
    The vile stunt came as war veteran Simon - who suffered horrific burns in the conflict - was a guest of Rangers' charity at Ibrox.

    :x :x :x :x
  14. The Argentina shirt bit doesnt surprise me, I was good mates with a lad who supports Celtic in School. In the later years of secondary school he became very pro IRA and when I joined up he stopped speaking to me totally apart from telling me that PIRA "were going to get me". You only have to see the green saltires etc etc at Parkhead to see where some loyalties lie. That said Rangers fans are just as bad. Both sets nof fans are a fcuking disgrace to Scotland in my view.

    Incidentally the Celtic supporting lad thought it would be funny to taunt me about the airman and his daughter who were shot by the IRA outside RAF Wildenrath while I was home on leave. Pity him and his mate didnt realise that the two lads next to me were also RAF. And the Copper he reported the kicking he got to was ex Army. He still taunts me about it whenever I go home though. Old prejudices die hard it seems.
  15. You clearly know very little about football then.

    Yes, that's a bite. I know the standard of Scottish football isn't the greatest, but to compare it to League One is a bit off, especially when you have great teams like Hull, Wigan, Bolton and Portsmouth in your so called 'Best league in the World'.

    Your top 7 or 8 teams are a match for any in Europe, but below that, there is not much to shout about. It is however a very entertaining league to watch, I'll give you that. Better than that Italian or Spanish stuff any day of the week.