The old farts on ARRSE...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Nightrained, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. There are many of them, about 95% of them. This is the place where we can slag them off and they are not allowed to answer.

    Are you sick of all the whinging about Gordon Brown and the overused term "Outrage Bus"?

    What about the insanly amount of threads about Walts? Or the old arrses who gob it in the "in my day" attitude talking about there 22 years, yet there are sprogs who've seen more combat in less than 5 years service.

    I'm so glad no oldies are looking at this because I'd have it in for me.

    Wait... Is that fast air being called into my location?... 8O
  2. I'd bite but my dentures would fall out
  3. As there are about 95% of the "in my day club" by your calculations,you are in the minority therefore I'm going to ignore you.

    I'll get me coat,the old duffel one with stains.
  4. If it wasn't for the likes of those who fought boredom through the cold war whilst de-flowering German maidenhood, the likes of you would be living in coal mines or speaking Russian!

    Go change your duvet cover, you pussy!


  5. They were outnumbered at Rorke's Drift. Just remember that. :wink:
  6. Remember it ???? I was cooking f'kin breakfast :D
  7. Pfffft, in my day, young whipper snappers like you would not dare have a go at us OAPs
  8. Oi!!!!

    So you’re the bugger wot nicked my old duffel, wot my old Uncle wore on the Arctic Convoys etc. etc.......................
  9. If you can catch me you can have it back,it's got a few more stains on it than when I first nicked it off you.
  10. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    In your day people didn't live that long. Mining accidents, diptheria and weasles killed most people off before they made it to 65. That you are able to moan and gripe about the yoof of today is a clear sign of progess.
  11. Gay off sprog.

    People like you are the reason we old fcukers are still here :wink:
  12. Yep! Sabre-toothed weasles. Very moody fückers, them. :D :D :D

  13. Weasels ?????? :muhaha:
  14. Fcuking REDARSES!

    This is a WEASEL


    What did kill a few was known as MEASELS and it looks like this


    What are they teaching you amoeba at school? :x
  15. You made some valid points,what's the betting you will be on here yourself in 40 years time, 'yus,in my day,blah,blah.' I'll have to leave it at that as my arm is aching after yesterday's flu jab.