the old and golden days

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by desmond, Aug 10, 2010.

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  1. Anyone remember when wine bottles came with corks. Some of the coop aldis etc. now come with screw caps. No health warnings whatsoever about taking another glug before unscrewing the screwcap. with which one as dilligently screwed back on, therefore the next glug tends to remove two or more front teeth. admittedly the cork type involved the ticket collectors thingie on a train or two screws forced in and the ticket collectors thingie to get it out. or forcing it it in and holding a pen between ones teeth and holding the said cork down whilst gluggiing and being grabbed by best mate shouting not all of it you greedy basket(is the naughty word checker still on) I am sure k13eod will have a fortifier or two after the event. and also in those halcyon days you could travel in uniform and take the piss out of the raf who used to sit as far as possible from the uncouth. of which I was proud to be a member
  2. Out of context but do you live in or near leeds
  3. Jarrod if you dont know what or why
  4. You diesel supping alchy cunt.
  5. what kind of mong needs a warning on how to drink from a bottle? especially 1 containing any form of alcahol....
  6. Jarrod I think he likes you.
  7. I think Desmond is 'special'.
  8. Desmond, now it's you that's old and the only thing that's golden is the stain on the front of your oversized y-fronts and the Turin Shroud on your bedsheets.
  9. Cork is short supply you mong that's why there are more screw tops and plastic bungs being used, it's nothing to do with pikey supermakets!!!
    You've obviously pickled your brain to the state where your hand to mouth coordination and your eye sight are so shot at you should be put down :)
  10. Actually, I think you'll find it's a combination of advances in other methods of sealing bottles, and a wish to reduce 'corking' (the contamination of wine by 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole, which arises from fungi present either on the cork, or in barrels used in the wine-making process) by large-scale producers.
  11. Well thanks for the info JP :)
    Still got fuck all to do with pikey shops or that fuckwits inability to stop smashing his his grid in with a stoppered decanter!
  12. True10 characters
  13. I take it he's now in an alcohol induced coma, fast asleep, dribbling all over his computer.

    Not bad for 1500 hrs !!